🔊 Where to place sound camps – and how many?

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Who gets to have a sound camp and who decides about that? There are only a limited number (4-5) of possible spots for noisy camps and art projects due to the specifics of the site’s owners. So, how do we wanna handle the placement and distribute “loud” spots?

Sound camps – apply here for a spot on the site until 21 March the best.

New realizer: @Marcel

Wanna exchange ideas in a chat? Visit the "sound protocols" channel on our Kiez Burn Discord server (listed below "event bureaucracy"). Here's more info on why and how we now use Discord and Talk.

A rule of thumb that worked well last time:

  • If you're using a Bluetooth box with a battery for some background music, this issue doesn't concern you.

  • However, if your sound system will be larger (which means that the equipment will need power from generators for some serious #downtempowegbassen and paaaarty), this discussion is very relevant…


Since we had very little time for planning and preparation last year, the limited spots for sound camps were assigned on a first come first serve basis. Projects that were late with registration could not be realized anymore.

You can view a map of “loud zones” on the venue here. Basically, we can not move away from these places since they provide nice soundproofing by trees or hollows. Freiland said it’s possible to install another stage at the lake – the sound system for their own summer festival has also been located there (Prometheans spot in 2021 – do we want this or do we need more spots for camps?). So all in all, we have space for 4-5 max. sound camps or loud art projects. Two of them will need to share one spot. From our experience there are more people who want to bring sound than available spots, so this will bring up discussions sooner or later.

Everyone did their best last year given the limited time. However, there are some learnings from our first come first serve principle 2021: Some burners were a little late to grab one of the loud zones for their camp or project. This has resulted in another proposal last year to distribute the sound camp spots more transparently and fairly...

Some dusty threads

Should this be a community decision? On the one side it affects 'everyone', on the other side, it's more like an internal conflict (of interest/location/gift to the burn). After discussing this issues with some experts from last year (mainly @Quentin & @Professor Kaos), we bring this suggestion – comments and ideas welcome:


What if we followed an adapted and condensed version of the conflict escalation protocol?

  1. People who want to do a sound camp apply centrally

    1. We could use a Talk thread for transparency

  2. A meeting is organized for the camps to do a circle-table sitting to talk the situation out.

    1. The conditions of Freiland need to be confirmed and immutable

    2. The sound protocol needs to be finalized and difficult to change

    3. If either of these points are open to discussion, then decision will be hard to make within a single meeting

  3. A neutral mediator or 2 (approved by all participants - i.e. Site Lead/Korgi/RAD/Board etc) is present to keep things cool.

    1. An amiable solution is found amongst the present pirates that hopefully works for everyone (i.e. sharing a sound zone/sound system, or just having some control over the line-up)

  4.  If after 90 minutes no amiable conclusion is reached, the options could be (which of the below 3 options should be decided at the start or before the meeting begins);

    1. A decision is formulated to a community vote (i.e. by a Talk poll or dreams platform)

    2. The mediator(s) makes the final call based on the behavior at the meeting (i.e. by prioritizing respectful participants of the meeting)

    3. A hybrid - A vote is cast by the mediator(s), in which they share their preference for context

This addresses:

  • An unfair first-come - first-served framework for Sound camp selection

  • Minimizes the toxicity that may propagate on Talk, by putting the affected parties face-to-face (physically or digitally)

    • Which in turn lowers the commitment of other parties in their involvement to find a resolution

  • The community can still be involved/aware of the discussion and resolution and chime-in if they have useful advice to add.


@Veroca R. Sala @Quentin @Roko @Jan-Christian Kaspareit @Tim Menuridae @Cairn (Clément) @Alexander Paulski @Annette @Bee @CJ Yetman @Professor Kaos @Louis @Andre Nik @Robert Kartalow @Hannah Krist @julian

About the sound protocol

Are there any suggestions and requests for changes to the sound concept, in which the playtimes and locations are defined? Last year this worked very well and there were no official complaints. This has to happen in close coordination with Freiland. Any volunteers? There’s a wish to do something about the break on Thursday since it affected many people. Simply open a new thread.


  • 28.02. Sound Camp Application Start

  • (21.03. Sound Camp Application End)

  • 28.03. First Meeting with Sound Camp Groups - Initial Ideas

  • 04.04. Final Meeting with Sound Camp Groups - Decision

  • 13.04. Final Decision Sound Camps


Quentin Wed 23 Feb 2022 6:37PM

I like en support the meeting approach between applicants. It should be enough to get a solution and agreement.

But in case not I would go for option 1 : community vote


julian Tue 22 Mar 2022 7:42PM

i want to start a discussion concerning many camps that just applied for being a sound camp. as you can clearly see theres a lot of the applications which dont intend to be a soundcamp at all and have nothing in mind like "downtempo wegbassen" - they just want to give their spaces an atmosphere where people can have a nice relaxed living-room atmosphere with music loud enough to have them entertained.

i organize cafe wonderland for some years now with the intension to give the family something inbetween full-on-partying and relaxed-sitting around. the space worked fantastically last year as we had a normal home - sound - system - nothing like a pa, but also far more feeling than bluetooth speakers. (for us the sound situation got really complicated due to some miscommunication we thought to be loud, which we werent allowed to - so i rebuilt the camp to what i read online ( i think it was in the kieze faq) - that theres 80db (or was it 75?db) allowed on 10m distance. so we kept this running during last kiezburn as i saw this as a guideline online. and it was no problem at all, there was not a single complain from around, you could barely hear it if you walked 5 meters out of the camp.

its not loud at all, still too quiet to dance but gives a nice feeling to the place. and would help a lot of the camps out that applied for being a sound camp. and speakers like these are designed top carry the sound just for very few meters, so the sound doesnt even carry out to other camps.

especially as big camps like ours with about 50 people and a communal space for people to interact of about 10x20meters its just impossible to fill with just one bluetooth box. its sized as 2-3 small camps but would be allowed still just one bluetooth speaker which would turn it completely quiet and being blasted in with sound from the sound-camps next by. so it seems strange to be not allowed to have music reaching the boarders of your own space while camps around you would do whatever they like.

i know its because of the freiland-agreement. but of camps like mine (and as i see in the sound registration thread) it would just completely ruin the atmosphere. why dont try to have it like 80db on 10meters distance as i read last year. or at least ask freiland about that again. would be really easy to measure and save the vibes of a lot of the kiezes.