Wed 19 Aug 2020 2:19PM

What is Summer Camp?

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We plan to organise a ‘Workshop Weekender’ on site at the Freiland site. The focus is on one part of what we already bring to Kiez Burn - workshops - but will not be having any sound stages or artwork (the former meaning we wouldn’t need a specific sound permit, easing up the bureaucracy and uncertainty around permissions). Inspired in part by the community itself which has expressed an interest in pursuing an ‘each one teach one’ style value. (As was brought up during the General Assembly in June). We have a 5000€ budget from the e.V. for the event.


  1. Bring the community together for a gathering focused around learning, growth and team building.

  2. Enhance the communal skill set we have, bringing this knowledge back into our future events, gatherings and any further Leadership training programmes.

  3. Further enable members of the community to step into leadership or educator roles.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved but don't know where to begin, please feel free to start a dialogue here.