Mon 18 Jan 2021 5:45PM

Working Thread - Mapping Critical Paths

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This is a timeline which should be completed by KORG members, acts as a guide for Realizers for recommended or necessary deadlines.

More specific Timeline:




Confirmation of Event Date


#1 Newsletter(?) date + realizer meeting invitation


❤️Realizer Recruitment Evening


#2 Newsletter

Covid-19 Hygiene Concept Draft


Opening of Kieze Registration


Opening of the site planning map

If necessary - 30.3.21

❤️ Realizer Recruitment Evening


Dreams Submission Start +   #3 Newsletter Dreams launch


Kieze Leads Meeting


#4 Newsletter

?? June/July

Tofu on Fire


#5 Newsletter ! Hygiene Concept

?? Confirm with ticketing

Ticket sale & Dreams Voting starts

Right upon tickets sale

Volunteers Signup starts


#6 Newsletter


Dreams submission Period ends

3 weeks before the event (for site planning)

Kieze Registration Period ends

#7 Newsletter

2 weeks before event

Dreams voting Period ends

Communicate dreams budgets to dreamers

#8 Newsletter

General Assembly

#9 Newsletter

before the Build period starts

Volunteer Sign up ends

Early Crew Kiez Burn build starts


#10 Newsletter


Build Starts

11.8.21 - 15.08.21

Kiez Burn


Strike/tear-down ends


Owl Thu 11 Feb 2021 3:20PM

I'll start insurance negotiations in the next days, since the date is now fixed, and numbers of people are not expected to be higher than last time (and the rest is probably also comparable, at least not higher than in the past, right?). In the past it had to be finished (roughly) before for getting the permit, or at least negotiated far enough so the insurance broker offered some letter of intent for the permit.


Bee Mon 25 Jan 2021 9:33AM

This can be in the planning group yes but for now was a working thread so thought we could add our stuff before presenting it at the meeting. :D


CJ Yetman Wed 24 Mar 2021 8:20AM

"Opening of Kieze Registration" and "Opening of the site planning map" clearly did not or will not happen on those dates.


Owl Thu 11 Feb 2021 3:46PM

I think this might basically couple permit and ticket sales very close to each other, since the insurance normally has around 2 weeks for payment (maybe more can be negotiated). On the other side the permit is even more important for the event, so maybe we can work again with such a letter from the insurance broker? I'll have to check if there is normally a cancellation policy on the insurance, but I'm not sure. In such a case I would like to have the permit first, and then the insurance contract signed. @Jan Thomas that letter worked last time to get the event permit, do you think that is a general procedure or an exception?


Franzi Thu 11 Feb 2021 12:06PM

will do!


Franzi Thu 11 Feb 2021 12:07PM

Yeah agreed with @Cris 2 weeks seems way too short to realize your dream, knowing you just got funding. @waldo as an ex-dreamer, whats your thoughts?


Bee Mon 25 Jan 2021 3:25PM

Yeah I think last year it was even shorter of a time period but yes totally agree with you on this. :D


Owl Thu 11 Feb 2021 9:36PM

Shall I wait with the request to the insurance broker until those first steps?


Jan Thomas Thu 11 Feb 2021 9:40PM

no need to wait I'd say, kick it off whenever it suits you Holger :-)


Franzi Thu 11 Feb 2021 3:22PM

yeah would be good to reflect this accordingly in the critical path :) since this is absolutely event critical

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