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Questions about our cooperation with Freiland? You need basic information on infrastructure or want to check something with the authorities? Let's find our way through the location & bureaucracy jungle in this thread!

Registration with the Amt is delayed this year – they have a lot on their plate at the moment, and would like more clarity with the Corona regulations first. All the better that our KB date has been moved to mid-August. Until then, we are still clarifying our contract, important dates and the sound and hygiene concept.

Update: We handed in all info and permit is expected on Friday, July 30! 🎉

Talk to: @Jan Thomas @Annette @Kate

Next up

19-25 July

  • check LVO

  • check documents

  • get feedback

@Jan Thomas @Annette @Kate

Wed 21 July

Call with Freiland

@Kate @Annette

Mon, 26 July

Submit application


Thu, 29 July

Call with Freiland

@Annette @Kate

Fri, 30 July

Talk to Bürgermeister

@Jan Thomas


Talk to Ordnungsamt (Noise complaints, police)

Independent mediator not very likely, how to measure?


Talk to the neighbours


Sat, 7 August

Build starts

Wed, 11 August

Kiez Burn starts Thu

Check fire regulations with Amt @Purzel

Gas cookers possible? Update here

Docs for permit application

Site Map 2021


Veroca R. Sala Tue 9 Feb 2021 7:05PM

Thanks for all the info.

I'm curious about the potential purchase of a device / technology to limit the sound?

Im only thinking how come we have to spend money on things like that just because the ppl in our own community is not being responsible enough and will put all at risk by turning up the volume.

I dont think I support that approach to the problem were the community is paying for just of couple of noughty hippies...

I want to believe we are all adults and we care for the efforts we all do to make the event happen and keep good relationships with Freiland and the village. It is not so educational in my point of view. With that then we could also pay cleaners don't have to clean the site (?) May be a bit extreme example as LNT is in our principles...

Why don't just limit the type of sound system itself. If bigger soundsystem were not allowed onsite then no chance to turn the volume up (?)

On the other hand I don't think I can even take part of a sound team controlling this. So those are my 2 cents.


Hanna-Maija (Animal) Tue 9 Feb 2021 9:40AM

Hi I haven't received it yet!?


Bee Thu 11 Feb 2021 4:48PM



Annette Tue 16 Feb 2021 8:49PM

Just send it now in case you didn´t receive it yet!


Radiant Mon 1 Mar 2021 4:01PM

I'm agreeing with Jan here; based on what I've seen at Burning Nest and Afrikaburn, sound guidelines require some amount of enforcement from Orga and/or Rangers (and if not, the event may be shut down by police and/or be unable to return to this site next year). That's just like how moop removal is everyone's personal responsibility... and most burns still have a decidated volunteer shift, to do moop sweeps for what people missed.


CJ Yetman Tue 2 Mar 2021 9:05PM

Hypothetically, I like the idea of using limiters. But practically speaking, I’m not sure if it’s reasonable/feasible for KB to purchase limiters and then insert them into whatever sound system a camp brings. I would guess the limiters need to be appropriate for the system they’re being put into. And that’s before you get to properly using them. They’re not a magical bullet... someone with knowledge will have to set it up and tune it properly for the intended purpose. I’m not saying limiters are exceptionally complicated gear, but it’s not nothing either.


CJ Yetman Thu 4 Mar 2021 10:53AM

not much there, but here's Nowhere's sound policy FAQ (interestingly, asking sound camps to use a limiter if they have more than 1k sounds system)


Roko Fri 5 Mar 2021 8:57PM

also agree to make sound camps more responsible and take care of dj's that might start tweaking the amp. volume rules should be included in all dj applications to share responsibility. quite zones can be controlled by rangers. i like that approach.

i perceived the "sound police" as a military coup started by some revolting neighbours putting pressure on freiland putting pressure on kborga putting pressure on individuals putting pressure on soundcamps. to not let this happen again, we need clear communication between kborga and soundcamp leads (at least 3 responsible people that know the soundsystem) and work out an action-plan like:
if freiburn calls 1 time, soundcamp lead turns it down -3db.
if they call a 2nd time, soundcamp lead turns it down -6db.
if they call a 3rd time, we go -10db.
if they call a 4th time, we go -15db.

if the soundcamp does not act upon this plan, kb orga kills electricity.
if a quite zone camp does sound in the middle of the night, kill electricity etc."

we should just be respectful with "enforcement and police" and reduce states of pressure and haste.


CJ Yetman Sat 6 Mar 2021 9:35AM

I think most people here agree with "make sound camps more responsible"... the question is how to do that effectively? How would the Site Leads reliably contact the sound leads from every sound camp at 2am when they get a complaint? How would the Site Leads verify if the sound camps complied in order to determine if they should cut the power? What if a sound camp has their own power supply? Not arguing, just saying... there's a lot of difficulties and uncertainties about making a plan that's actually achievable in reality. (I'm literally writing the handbook for the Site Leads, which is why I'm keenly interested in this topic.)


Quentin Mon 8 Feb 2021 9:49PM

Thanks Kate for the feedback from the call with Freiland :)

The way I see the sound concept is in 2 parts:

1/ The 'Protocol', defining basically where, when and how loud do we play music during that week.

2/ How do concretely apply that protocol before and during the event.

If I understand you well, 1/ should be done rather soon, in order to move the wheels with Freiland and the permit topic.

My idea is to have some exchange with sound camps leads, gather all feedbacks from last year discussion and from the survey, align with Site liaison team & Site planning team. Then, make a proposal on Talk that the community can discuss, and come to a final draft by end of Feb/begginning of March.

Would that be good for you timewise?

It would be good to keep it as a draft, with some big principles already agreed at this stage, but keeping it flexible enough in order to finalize it when the whole community and Kiez leads really start to get into planning mode.

I believe the 2/ can be treated at a later stage, when we get closer to the event and start to be more concrete. (The event is still in more than 6 months :))

If anyone wanna support that process, please reach out :)

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