Wed 16 May 2018 8:08AM

FREE Wood & Material for Deco & small build projects, Loc: XBerg, until this sunday

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Hello everybody,

as discussed on yesterdays general assembly I have had a little feedback round with Jonny Knüppel. I can give you as much information as possible now.

Important: I might be at the side of Knüppel when you and your Kiez(e) come, but I am NOT responsible for organizing this. Please get together as Kieze and organize a transport and everything. Join your forces. Use this thread. I will try to invite people of whom I know they are interested in the material. Show some communal effort, hippies!

My advice

If the lack of a vehicle poses a problem, I can recommend the van-drivers on ebay Kleinanzeigen. They come with a van and cost roundabout 20,- per hour. As for storage you can type 'storage' into our nice little loomio and join the discussion there.

What can Kieze get there?

The area is almost disassembled. There are some things left. Old palettes, new palettes, pallets with OCB boards, scrap wood, beams of different sizes and qualities. I will attach photos in this thread as they come to me.

Changing stash of wooden beams up for grabs!!

How can we find out if it is worth our trip? Can we reserve things?

There is almost no way to tell what will and will not be there upon your arrival, as collectives come and pick up things and as it is nearly impossible for Knüppel to also have a look at things people 'might or might not' come to pick up.
BUT it is also the case that the piles are still growing, too. There are still structures that are not disassembled. So they will add to the pile over the next hours/days. Also there might still be structures which you can take down and then with you completly. However, these informations are best gathered by dropping by the side personally or maybe even at the moment when you get there with your Van.

JK will let us know once there is nothing worth your time to be picked up anymore!

Is it build-suitable material?

The material is mostly NOT suitable for build. If you want your structure to be sturdy and safe, we would advise you to get good and new beams (there might be a bulk order, keep your eyes open!) and use the wood you can get from Knüppel as decoration or non-dangerous structures.
Also for decoration, art, things that are not meant to support heavy tarps or withstand wind...

When & how can we pick it up?

Pickup of stuff is possible thursday, friday, sat & maybe sunday. You will get in contact with our friend Martin (ask me for his contact). Please talk all the details with him.
You can drive with a van on the area directly in front of the material and just throw stuff in. No need to carry stuff around.

Where is the catch?

The deal is, as usual: There are things you can simply grab (most of it, indeed. All the single wood-beams f.e..).
Then there are things you can grab if you have taken some of the 'free to grab' stuff (because it is considered to go to the trash mostly and you spare them the work & money).
Then there are things they might want to negotiate because they plan on keeping it or selling it or or or.

Other important things?

BRING GLOVES - a lot of the wood is still full of nails and other shit. Don't hurt yourself.


Saskia Wed 16 May 2018 10:37AM