Thu 24 Jan 2019 11:20AM

Channel and service identification/consolidation

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I think we should look at our channels, and collaborate with the comms teams to give guidelines about which platform to use for what, and what work needs to be done to get there.


walto Fri 25 Jan 2019 11:26AM

Sounds good. The structure here is a first draft, but should definitely be structured better, with a firmer logic behind it. In addition, we'd need some moderators that keep an eye on the different topics floating around


[deactivated account] Sun 27 Jan 2019 8:21PM

I’m not talki community moderation or how to manage threads on talk.
I’m talking put some brain and full planning into all our comms platforms, along with guidelines for what to use when.

I’m of the opinion we do it once and then leave it alone for the next 2 years before adapting anything or adding anything major to the ecosystem.

Is patchwork, and it shows.


walto Sun 27 Jan 2019 8:47PM

Good point. There has not been concrete action on the structure of the comms channels vis a vis facebook, google docs, or a potential wiki. There also is no comms team yet. Might be a good point to push forward and structure it all.

As a backdrop, the dreamed-up complete tech setup is as follows:
- talk for all communication
- dreams links into talk
- "Realities" (in development) to link into dreams and talk (probably not for 2019)


[deactivated account] Tue 12 Feb 2019 1:49PM

and email, and docs, and the mail server, and a central knowledge base for core processes, and mail campaigns, and website, and sub websites, facebook, storage, hosting etc. and guidelines for usage.

it's short sighted of us to just leap on a loomio instance and think it's solving our problems. it's now just added to our service landscape patchwork


walto Sat 23 Feb 2019 1:55PM

yes, I agree. Since there is no communication team and we always had issues with getting committed ppl on board to fulfill that role, how do you suggest we tackle this?


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meet and greet, and service consolidation Closed Sat 16 Mar 2019 6:00PM

connect the members of the robot ministry


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[deactivated account] Thu 28 Feb 2019 3:09PM

Guys I’m gonna call it for Wednesday 6th


Sebastian Tue 5 Mar 2019 3:41PM

Hi guys, how about a location?


[deactivated account] Tue 5 Mar 2019 4:13PM

Happy to have it here?


Sebastian Wed 6 Mar 2019 4:17PM

Here is at your place or in talk? ;)


[deactivated account] Wed 6 Mar 2019 4:24PM

ah good point - I am north in PBerg - HOWEVER I have a sneaky plan. we can make a collaborative mind map of this?
means everyone can add content when they feel like it? and also not leave home?


Sebastian Wed 6 Mar 2019 5:56PM

To be honest, I was looking forward to the "meet & greet" part but we're a bit late now :)
As a fan of distributed working I'm also fine with working here. I'll add a "meet" part to the Introduce yourself thread. Also I'll be at my teamspeak (channel BurnIT) for the next hour or os and I dared to create a document for service consolidation. Please feel free to join and add or edit content or migrate the whole document to it's intended location :)


walto Wed 6 Mar 2019 8:11PM

Ah, would have loved to actually meet as well, but it was a bit short notice. Why don't we just do a super quick poll to see if next week Wednesday would work and put up a meet?

since we now integrated "Realities" as well, this topic could be even more important. Also, I think Zach Dunton needs to be part of the meetup since he's the Robot Ministry dev-ops.