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General Toilets Thread - key info here

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Toilet Realisers KB21:

@Erez & @Jack & @Dan de Lion!

Role description & responsibilities

will update table as needed



Liaise with

Toilets provider Liaison


@Jan Thomas and @Kate (site liaisions)

Provider: Finizio (Johannes)

arrange transport + drop off + pick ups


Build crew? or with site if freiland has toilets

capacity, amount of toilets & supplies (toilet paper needs etc)


Coordination and training Kieze / Scheißmeister how to manage the eco toilets

@Dan de Lion!

see Volunteer spreadsheet

Coordination with site planning+placement, water & LNT


Site Planning Realizer: @Cairn (Clément)

Comms with Finance lead regarding deposit etc.


schatzmeister: Alex (Lord of Fire) @Professor Kaos

current situation summarized

(including updates / input the 💩 whatsapp and telegram groups)

  • 💩 Freiland installed 10 compost toilets, mostly in groups of 3. They come with 2 urinals each on one side and a hand washing station on the other. They are self built and can be moved.

  • Finizio has cancelled on us last-minute which is really 💩!

  • @Jack tried with 4 other providers so far but no luck

    • Goldeimer - not doing festivals this year

    • Ökoje - festival too far away

    • Ökolocus - no answer yet, decision still pending

    • Nowato - cannot provide toilets for rent but we could purchase them for 1250€ per unit plus delivery (exceeds budget)

  • need to make sure we have enough (and also enough tanks)

  • need an extra toilet for first aid

  • 20 toilets in total suggested for KB2021?


  • for Freiland shit boxes – get in touch directly with Ponk/Eric from Freiland (via @Annette @Kate), they can move their toilets to whatever spot we need them

  • place one toilet and handwashing station next to the first aid tent. It's a request from first aid to maintain Hygiene standards (questions? @Purzel)

How do Freiland toilets work?

The solid waste goes into a big regular wheelie rubbish bin that is exchanged when full. The liquid waste flows through pipes from the urinal and the bottom of the wheelie bin into a barrel that is located lower in the ground (gravity). the barrel has a pump at the bottom to pump out the fluid into a big 1000L IBC container.

Open points

  • Pussoirs (Pissoirs for pussy owners) - conduct poll to see if there is interest

  • if yes, need to liaise with build crew

  • hold shit fundraiser?

  • Liaise with Covid /LNT @Friso Teams (and Kieze) regarding hand washing stations

  • Determine and communicate exact training date with kieze scheissmeister (Dan)

  • Possibly signage on how to use the toilets

Related threads

Urinals poll

Hygiene concept for toilets thread

Communication with eco-toilets provider thread

Past experiences

previous realizer (@Andreas Noack / Wasserprinz) in this document

most important 2019 info / Feedback:

  • 14 eco toilets (7 for build and an additional 7 on tuesday before the event started) were rented. total cost: 3250 Euro everything included.

  • need way more capacity in 2021. In 2019, it all spilled over and some had to dig their own poop holes. 100 x 100 Liter tanks just wasn't enough


Bee Thu 10 Jun 2021 5:21PM

Hey, I have sent the link to this page to Erik (not sure if he is signed up on Talk yet) who is this year's lead scheißemeister. I think he is erring on the side of caution with toilets anyway with booking more compost toilets than the ones we have on site (through Finizio). I will add you to the telegram poop group too. ;)


Kaliope Thu 10 Jun 2021 5:30PM

Hey, thanks for the connection! If Freiland builds the new toilets (which they want to do anyway), it's very likely that we won't need any additional ones. We might need to discuss how many tanks we have available. Let's talk about this again, just add me to this group (or better lead everyone to Talk) :)


Veroca R. Sala Thu 17 Jun 2021 7:29AM

@Bee would you be able to add on this thread a description of the role of toilet lead, and list the responsibilities etc etc? so next announcement I could link people here. Lemme know otherwise I find another way to offer this info. Thanks


Veroca R. Sala Thu 17 Jun 2021 7:32AM

@Kate I took the advantage of using this very thread to recruit a toilet realizer, hope is ok!❤️


Veroca R. Sala Mon 21 Jun 2021 10:29AM


Tatjana Viaplana Sun 27 Jun 2021 10:40AM

Hello Shitburnerheroes!
I'm a long time Nowhere Burner. My Question: Are there women pissoires planned for Kiez Burn?


Veroca R. Sala Sun 27 Jun 2021 11:15AM

update thread: decision made at Korg Meeting on Spark, we will not rely on Freiland promise to build toilets and we will just rent our own. / may be reserve the total and downsize once we are positive that there are extra toilets on site.


Bee Sun 27 Jun 2021 1:58PM

Also I have inquired with Covid team regarding handwashing stations. For the summer camp event Finizio (eco toilet co.) provided a food pump sink next to the stalls.


Veroca R. Sala Tue 29 Jun 2021 7:34AM

I leave here the spreadsheet with the shit masters from each Kiez, still quite a few still need to sign up.

Important note: I see some of the shit masters arrive on Thursday, this doesnt work with the plan of training prior to the event. @Dan (toilet lead touch point onsite (not on talk yet) must communicate with @Erin Jeavons-Fellows and let the kieze know that the scheißmaster role requires to be onsite from Wednesday on ( historically or it could be done differently, in that case, to coordinate, please!

@Bee FYI


Jack Tue 29 Jun 2021 9:03PM

Hello guys, I went through all old communication (including the post mortem, a whatsapp and a telegram chat, emails to the provider and a google sheet) to get up to speed with and compile the most important info here on talk in the thread. If ok for everyone, I think its easiest just to keep updating each other on here then its all in one place and not lost across the technology spectrum :) @Bee and @Veroca R. Sala @Erez FYI

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