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2020 Action: Radically Regular Radically Do-ocratic KB newsletter

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Rethinking KiezBurn Newsletter to reflect our new way of working together (=do-ocracy) and make it an engagement and entertainment piece for our community


A de-centralised, regular, schedule-driven do-ocratic newsletter for KiezBurn. Each newsletter is created by a different individual or group of (or Kieze Newsletter takeover!)


It has potential to engage our wider community throughout the year and to inform, entertain, empower and educate (about do-ocracy) all-in-one!


The Newsletter is schedule-driven and relies fully on participation. Allowing the letting go of what community does not carry, too. No participation = no Newsletter (Alina sends out an empty one). The schedule is pre-set with the following dates:

WED 18th of March (LAUNCH!)



WED 1st of April



WED 22 of April



WED 6th of May



WED 20th of May



WED 3rd of June



WED 10th of June



MON 15th June / pre-event!



An ad-hoc "functional" Newsletter can be sent out outside of these dates by the Realizer of the urgent comms need. Example "Tickets are now on sale" Newsletter with the link to ticket purchase.


  1. An OK t from those affected (those needing to communicate) that they are happy to run with this format. An acknowledgement of the concept with all the risk and edginess that it brings. Acceptance of the possibility that if the Newsletter does not get co-created, then we do not have a Newsletter (or rather, an empty one will be sent out anyways!)

  2. Access to Mailchimp account of Kiez Burn.


walto Tue 18 Feb 2020 6:27PM

Just trying to understand a bit closer what is meant, I believe we have 3 newsletters:

  • e.V. member newsletter

  • people who bought a ticket newsletter

  • ppl who signed up for general Kiez Burn newsletter

Except for the e.V. newsletter, I do not think the board needs to give consent for this initiative.

Totally agree with you that the newsletter is super important (census)

Looking forward to what will come out. Maybe an interesting tip: I had a chat recently with a befriended organization who do a bi-weekly collective email that is ugly but almost everyone reads it (because it is so easy to read). Their secret: they have a spreadsheet where everyone can add stuff. And then every 2 weeks, they just copy the spreadsheet content and send it out as a newsletter. Also, their advice was: give it a name (they named it "fruit of the week")

❤️🎉 great initiative!


Alina, also known as Universe Thu 20 Feb 2020 10:02PM

Calling @Remy Schneider @Erin Jeavons-Fellows for advice and input (because involved in general comms and newsletter is part of big picture and more specifically @clement and @loomikate mentioned as newsletter co-creators in the Communicorns chapter of Talk - but the handles are not working?

  1. Do you see this approach as a good way forward?

  2. Do we have a Communicorns 2019 post-mortem I could read?

  3. Is there anyone else I should be reaching out to?

  4. Would you consent to respond to a few questions I have about the past victories and troubles (with the newsletter) and legal sides (access to Mailchimp account, access to email lists) that are necessary for trying this out?


Veroca R. Sala Sun 23 Feb 2020 9:39AM

@Alina, also known as Milda! check out on the deliberations of Realities. let me know if you have any issues to open the file.


Alina, also known as Universe Sun 23 Feb 2020 2:23PM

Thank you @Veroca R. Sala ! Is this the place I should be looking: ? The last link there is not working - also I do not see a post-mortem in there? Am I in the right place?


Saskia Mon 24 Feb 2020 3:32PM

Hei @Alina, also known as Milda! -

you do have my personal consent for setting up this document. I think it might be a good idea. I could also see you realizing the whole newsletter-need. Are you interested in that at all?
In fact, I already have some ideas I'd add to the newsletter (such as a 'LOOKING FOR' section with links to open positions).


Alina, also known as Universe Tue 25 Feb 2020 4:42PM


Roughly, imagine there are 4 sections:

In 2020, each edition of Kiez Burn newsletter is created by a different individual/group of/Kiez.

The schedule is predetermined. See the Talk thread here:

The content is up to you.

The skeleton format proposed is:

1. News from Event Coordination Team

  • Choose the 3 burning topics that need to be shared. You can collect these by being present at the Event Coordination/Realizer meeting, scrolling through Talk or reaching out individually.

2. News from the Board (optional)

  • 1 topic. Nice if it's not too serious.

3. TALK thread on the month

  • 1 thread chosen by newsletter maker(s) - let's keep promoting Talk for good steady burner traffic

4. The Wacky Window: Radical Self Expression Podium for the Newsletter Realizer. Show your colours!

  • This is for radical self expression of the individual(s), group or Kieze doing the newsletter. And some radical fun. Do something silly, something useful, share a hot mess of a Kiez selfie and a background hot mess of a story - it's up to you. Make this awesome for those who read and a total pedestal moment for yourself. This is like your Cabaret moment condensed into one Newsletter!


It is also up to the maker(s) to get in touch with the Event Team and/or to select what THEY feel should be the 3 things that go into the newsletter about the Event. Radical empowerment. That means that if they happen to choose something else over "Looking For ", it's their prerogative. This is supposed to make this a bit scary, fun, radical and promote communication between all parties :)

Outstanding things to work out:

  1. how to get access to Mailchimp for those doing the newsletter. If it's changing/rotating people?

    👀IDEA: change password every time; one password holder responsible

  2. perhaps find a pool of editors/proofreaders who can help with the final version, but ideally I want the maker(s) to do this themselves. If it's a mess, so be it - a colourful, imperfect mess! 😉


walto Mon 2 Mar 2020 10:09AM

I was wondering what the timeline of this newsletter proposal is? As linked above, the newsletter is crucial in getting more engagement with the community. Last year we sent out the first newsletter on the 1st of March.


Veroca R. Sala Wed 4 Mar 2020 7:42AM

Hola Hola @Alina, also known as Milda! I have posted on Facebook but no results yet. You could announce in your first edition that you seek for a fella to work on the newsletter! many people don't use Facebook but for now, it is what we have... there is a 2nd Leads Meeting on the 9th. if we extend the invite through the newsletter more ppl will be included and perhaps someone jumps in. Here is the FB event of the Leads meeting.


walto Wed 4 Mar 2020 6:04PM

Given the urgency of sending out a newsletter, I have just followed the process as it was before:

This does not need to interact in any way with your proposal. A second newsletter in March would not be a bad idea...

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