Give us your input for the upcoming newsletter!

K Kaliope Public Seen by 123

Kiez Miezis – the communicorns will send out another KB newsletter this week :)

Please suggest your topics here (deadline 28 May):

Some ideas:

  • What would you like to tell our community? Anything important everyone should know about?
  • Is there an area/role where we need support?
  • When are our upcoming meetups etc.?
  • Any updates from the Verein? yaaay we did it :thumbsup:

craig white Mon 3 Jun 2019 2:07PM

Hi Kate is the news letter just something that gets issued in talk to people who signed up or does it get emailed to everyone who bought a ticket to the event?


Helena Mon 3 Jun 2019 3:54PM

I would like to send the latest information from first aid in the newsletter, but it seems like it’s already too late