Wed 16 Mar 2022 9:36PM

馃挬 Lessons learned in 2021 and resulting action points

J Jack Public Seen by 9


  • Need to book/sort out the toilets way more in advance, ideally 2-3 months before the event

  • Pussoirs (for vaginas) would make a big difference so this is objective #1 for KB22

  • @Jack Add link to list of Oekotoilet providers in DE

  • @Jack add shopping list from 2021

  • find a reliable local delivery person, because sending stuff (e.g. consumables) on site is not easy

  • buy everything and enough of it beforehand (plus spares) so you can avoid leaving site to buy more things.

  • Organize Boxes or simple crates per toilet cluster to equip it with the consumables and cleaning products - need to be rain-proof

  • Set clear guidelines on what freiland covers and what we do (cost and operations)

  • Collate advance lists of all the communication content and materials for build, strike, maintenance

    • Write checklist for setup, handed to each camp

      • Dedicate a toilet cluster to a camp for 24hrs

    • Checklist for maintenance (done by shit ninjas), handed to each camp

    • signs/ info on toilets (for users)

      • Put on the toilet which camp to go to in that 24hrs period for problem

      • Clearer instructions with the water management at hand washing station are necessary to keep things running

      • emergency instruction page (for eager shit-sorting users) per toilet cluster

      • Hand washing stations 

        • Only hands, not dishes or body wash


  • All toilets for the event need to arrive at least 24 hours before the event starts

  • One of toilet leads on site for build, ideally 2 dedicated volunteers to help build them (depending on the model we use)

  • Need clear instructions to build / take down the toilets (if applicable)

  • Put Boxes or simple crates per toilet cluster to equip it (rain-proof)

  • Don鈥檛 trust Ponk (Freiland) to wait for him to solve issues - better communication beforehand


  • if toilets are small (like 脰kolocus), they need to be checked every 4 hours

  • If the black freiland toilets are full and leaky, then empty the blue barrel a lot, then more liquid will flow in, and then after some drainage the connection at the bottom of the bin can be changed over to a new toilet container

  • If we use oekolocus again:

    • do a barrel swap before 10AM and at 12 midnight

    • empty the temporary blue barrels before they get too full

    • Difficult to handle big heavy barrels (full 50L) if they have to be pushed up into the septic tank


  • Give strike guidelines on how to pack up and store toilet, ideally one toilet realizer is part of strike team

  • Need to strike majority of toilets on days 1-2 of strike

  • Taking down electricity affects toilets and all pissoirs, so toilet strike needs to happen before all the electricity is demounted or done in a coordinated fashion with power strike

  • Coordinate with freiland when they take down their toilets. The cluster at Deine Mudda was taken down without consulting with any of toilet realizers

  • Contact strike lead on inventory