🔥 Burning structures: proposal for a pre-build weekend!

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Freiland would like to build/repair some things on the site again next year. There are ideas like a second production container, to equip the ship bar at the lake with a roof, or to continue building the stage structure in the hollow. They need to know how many interested ppl we and they have to be able to kick this off. More info in our site liaison protocol.


Freiland will have a weekend retreat at the end of January to discuss such things, and would like to know until this date if we support them here? Unfortunately they don't have that many people who know how to build and how to work with wood! The weekend will then take place sometime when it is a little warmer, the date can be arranged with them – expect spring or early summer. Ofc, we don't need to pay for materials :)

Side note

Some burners would like to change the Kiez Burn site next year, but so far no one has taken the initiative. In this thread there is more info. If nothing happens, it is very likely that we will be celebrating life and beauty at Freiland again...

What's in it for us?

A wonderful campout weekend in nature. Reconnect with your Burner friends or get to know new ones. Explore the venue. Deepening our relationship to Freiland, investing in the site for the long term and getting things done before the Kiez Burn build. Let's get involved, co-create the structures and discuss where exactly we want to support and what to build.

So... who would be interested?

The final date still needs to be discussed.


How would you like to support?





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Coordination & Build Support