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We recognize that we will never have a 100% perfect way of working together. There will always be space for improvement.

Therefore, we want to

  • be open for reflection

  • Learn from experiences

  • Continuously improve how we work together

In this thread, we can bundle current problems & opportunities and document potential solution ideas (anyone can add to it). People can then subsequently take up problems, opportunities or solutions and work them out (if so, tag yourself next to a topic, others can join). If anything is unclear, please ask and we can talk it out together here.

Specific proposals & concrete suggestions that require some discussion should be posted as separate threads.

Problems & Opportunities

  • Lack of accountability/responsibility in the current consensual do-ocracy definition

  • It is not clear how decisions can be reached when there is disagreement

  • it is not clear how to contest other people's advice processes

  • language is too difficult to understand

  • Not enough guidance to people who have an idea and want to implement it

  • Meetings are not so well tied into the online space (e.g. outcomes of meetings)

Possible solutions

When implementing some of these solutions, try to go about it in a way that is compatible with "how we work together". So for some smaller edits (like language), a quick comment/check-in is probably fine. For bigger changes, try to apply some form of a bigger discussion

The short definition: @waldo @Alexxx


  • adopt new definition of consensual do-ocracy that adopts the accountability concept

  • potentially add in a line about "consentual" regarding the people that are impacted

Working on a soution

Advice Process definition @waldo @Alexxx


  • Add in the conflict escalation process in the advice process

  • Add in the concept of "consent" (not consensus) in the advice process at the point of decision

  • Add in accountability in the advice process

  • Separate the advice process into 2 parts: (1) seeking advice/input and (2) the proposal process

  • flesh out the role(s) of meetings here

  • simplify the language in the advice process

  • visualize the process to make it easier to understand

working on a solution


  • separate the advice processes to another Talk group instead of in the main planning group + explain reasoning behind it


  • make a template for the note keeper, so it is easier to read afterwards and ppl are more likely to make (good) notes

  • refine the meeting slidedeck template


  • Build Loomio plugin to allow people to pick a format when making a new thread @waldo & @Jan Thomas


  • organize a day to do all of the above in a vision-driven collaborative way @Hanna-Maija (Animal) & @waldo


walto Sat 7 Mar 2020 5:55PM

We had a productive meeting with a clear outcome. Now is the time for implementation.

Implementing the agreed upon texts/definitions:

Next steps/to-dos:

  • remove the old attachment in the advice processes thread (tech task), asked @Richard Hodkinson for help, if not possible, we will need to archive the old thread and make a new one

  • Small tweaks in the texts for easier understanding, without changing the actual structure/content of the processes

  • Move all advice processes over to the new advice processes group + clarify in the pre-event planning group why we do this and where this new group is + put this in the advice process thread + in the "how we work together" group

  • Update the graph of advice processes with a loop in the advice process group & thread: @Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator)

  • Clarify the wording of the conflict escalation process & the meeting for consent @Remy Schneider

  • update the "How we work together" group description to better reflect the focus we put on consensual do-ocracy as a way of working together (currently Facebook gets more space than how we work together)

  • make an IDEA template and update the link in the advice processes group and thread.

  • People volunteer to be advice process guides and/or talk moderators to move over advice processes to the advice processes group + moderate there.


Daisy Tue 3 Mar 2020 8:28PM

I would like to share an IDEA (not proposal yet) that could potentially help with the points :

-The Lack of accountability/responsibility in the current consensual do-ocracy definition

-Not enough guidance to people who have an idea and want to implement it.

In the Dream Platform of Borderland, there are a few mini monsters addressing different categories that users and click to point an issue when they see it.

What if we did something similar?
Add some buttons/clicking boxes that help moderate? It could be two or three (or a symbol) and when someone reads something that thinks it should be revised, they choose the right button and explain why.
The options could be not following the advice process, not enough research, not following code of conduct...we can figure them out together:)

I will talk to the Robot Ministry and ask for their advice and try to educate myself more on this, so we can discuss it on Saturday hopefully.


Franzi Sat 29 Feb 2020 4:48PM

Sat 7 Mar 2020 1:00PM

lets start half an hour later to have an air break...people also might need to have lunch between one and the other.


Daisy Sat 29 Feb 2020 10:56AM

Sat 7 Mar 2020 1:00PM

I would prefer starting half an hour later to have a break/decompress from the Co-lead meeting :)


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Decide on "how we work together" Closed Sun 1 Mar 2020 1:00PM

by walto Mon 2 Mar 2020 10:03AM

We will get together this Saturday at 14:30 to decide on the final wording, structure and roll-out of the changes in the advice process, short definition of consensual do-ocracy, and how this is implemented.

Given that we will only have 2 hours, the goal of this meeting will be to decide on what was discussed online. This meeting will not be a work meeting where we go through the wording one by one.

Please come prepared to the meeting, by reading the google doc and potentially adding other proposals in the google doc. For reference, here is the google doc again:

We realized the consensual do-ocracy short definition and the advice process are just not good enough and need some love and attention. This results in this google doc where we explore different wordings and structures. This is also a blocker for removing the pause on making decisions.

After you have familiarized yourself with this document and have made (possible) edits, what about joining the meeting to finalize and decide on a final wording of the consensual do-ocracy short definition, the advice process, conflict escalation, meetings, and how we show this information and where people discuss advice processes?

The people at this meeting will be:

How will the decision be taken?

  • ideally consensus

  • if no consensus, then consent (where you might disagree with the outcome, you agree with the process)

    Consent is defined as “not having significant objections (to a certain proposal)”. If an affected person cannot accept the proposed action, they state their objections with reasons that can be understood by the others. The responsibility of all is to listen with the intent to understand and adapt the proposal to minimize possible risks. Consensing does not require agreement, affirmation or even preference.  Consent is reached by choosing the proposal with the least objections. The lowest level of objection — resistance — results to the highest acceptance. (source)

  • If the above fails, we will try to force a decision and make a democratic vote if no important blockers are raised.


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