Electricity/Power in dreams

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Hi folks,

I noticed that some Kieze are trying to put in dream applications for their power. Although this does not go directly against the best practice detailed as "Dreams should follow the principle of self-reliance by not supporting basic personal or camp needs." in We cannot afford to let power expenditures run through the dreams platform. Power is too expensive for this + if it serves the camp goals, then it should be funded by the Kiez itself.

Therefore, I have added this power guideline into the dream guidelines:
Power Art grants cannot cover the cost of power for the Kiez. Power that is used by the Kiez needs to be paid by the Kiez and cannot be channeled through the dreams platform. Dreams do can qualify for power, but this should be closely reviewed and should not exceed reasonable amounts. As a point of orientation: every 1KW, costs kiez burn around 75€. So a water boiler, would cost Kiez Burn around 225€.

Feel free to discuss this point here further.


Steffen Lepa Mon 8 Apr 2019 6:19PM

Hi, one question that came up in our welfare dream planning: We do need to calculate our power needs for the dream. But do we also need to include power costs as part of the dream budget?


Vincent Freebird Mon 8 Apr 2019 9:12PM

Hi Waldo, good point. Our dream is not really associated with any Kiez, just a free art project if you will. What exactly do you mean with 1KW? 1000W running for how long? Would love to understand the cost structure a bit more, so I can gauge the feasibility of our dream. Thanks :). Hugs, Vincent


Sven Dudink Sun 14 Apr 2019 8:25PM

@vincentfreebird at the moment is not established how much power one dream can consume, these are things what will be decided on the power meeting on wednesday 17th


Sven Dudink Tue 23 Apr 2019 8:46PM

@vincentfreebird @waldo The power will as for now be done by the same company as last year, we will have a strong and stable power supply, also i think that dreams with higher power consumption should still be okay since they deliver a great addition to kiezburn and the kiezburn experience,


Vincent Freebird Tue 23 Apr 2019 10:44PM

thanks so much Sven and Waldo! Now fingers crossed for the funding! <3


walto Tue 9 Apr 2019 8:12PM

1000W peak production means we need to put cables to accomodate that peak demand. One electric water boiler means that we need to put cables for 3000W peak demand. Every Kiez needs to pay 50€ per KW. @svendudink is on that. Questions can be asked here:

For art projects, that gets accomodated if not excessive (again, a discussion for such things is needed), @svendudink anything to add?


walto Thu 25 Apr 2019 1:35PM

hey @jainahirai maybe real quick: it seems they set their minimum=maximum, but seems to be there is some stretch on the budget. I do not know if you can still change minimums, but might be good to reduce minimum... donno, just a thought.


Jaina Hirai Thu 25 Apr 2019 8:35AM

Hi @svendudink , I'm the dream guide for the Magic Potions dream and they plan to use a water cooker to make a portion of their potions. Could you take a look and let me know if that is acceptable?


walto Tue 9 Apr 2019 8:08PM

infrastructre and art projects are excluded from this arrangement. You will need power and for that, please be in touch with @svendudink who has an open thread on that topic here:


Saskia Wed 10 Apr 2019 9:21AM

Tagging @jessewheaton if that's relevant for the rangers. (No need to reply if not. Really, that's just breadcrumbs. :))

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