Power and energy consumption

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A place where we can Discuss about power,

things what come to mind now are:
•the source of the power
•how much power we will be needing for kiez burn 2019
•what can we do to keep our energy consumption as low as possible (E.G. Led lightning)
•who will be working on what
•which company will be renting out their equipment for our needs
•a way to measure our power consumption over the whole burn per camp with a timeline for upcoming years

probably there are still quiet a few points missing

@johannes5 @relativityrltvty You guys did the power last year, any suggestions? will you guys this year also be doing the power? are there more people who feel like helping out with the power?

if anyone has some stuff to add feel free to write whatever comes to mind (about power :D)


CJ Yetman Wed 20 Feb 2019 2:56PM

I'd potentially be willing to do this... at least replicate what was done last year. I'm not willing to run a social media campaign to get support for it though.


Henrik 🤖 Thu 21 Feb 2019 8:17PM

Reach out to the guys at "Communications!"
They can help you get the proper attention in the social media channels :sound: :scream_cat:


walto Wed 20 Feb 2019 10:15PM

Thanks Sven and CJ! This is the discussions on it last year:

I was mainly involved with the planning together with Zach & Johannes, where Johannes, Rel & Zach (hope I didn't forget anybody) did a great job on-site. I'd be suuuuper happy to do a hand-off. In fact, happy to write a complete thing this weekend on what happened, when and potential resources :)


Sven Dudink Thu 21 Feb 2019 9:32AM

@cjyetman Okay that is great that you want to participate to organize the power with us, im not sure how we are going to start off with this, if i understand it right we have to apply for power also through the dreams platform, @waldo that would be great and very helpfull, thank you,


CJ Yetman Thu 21 Feb 2019 10:15AM

Yeah, that’s the part I’m not willing to do (dreams platform etc.). If you bring me a well-defined task, give me the authority to do it and the resources I need to do it (sufficient time, money, information, etc.), then I’ll get it done.


Henrik 🤖 Thu 21 Feb 2019 8:19PM

oh, now I get it. Makes sense. We will address this in the "How to Organize Art Grants"-Meeting


walto Mon 4 Mar 2019 10:48PM

The path and learnings of last year + responsibilities are mapped in realities now:

Also moving this thread to the power group


walto Sun 17 Mar 2019 4:03PM

@svendudink I heard you estimate power at less than we had last year. Last year we spent just above 8000€ for the generators, cables & cable road crossings. Given that we will be more people, more Kieze, I was surprised we could go lower than that? Are you sure?


Sven Dudink Sun 17 Mar 2019 6:37PM

@waldo no im not sure if we can get it cheaper, i will know the final answer when i get feedback from the power companys, i suppose this will be around wednesday


Poll Created Sun 24 Mar 2019 9:16PM

1st power meeting Closed Mon 1 Apr 2019 8:00PM

Lets get together for the first power meeting

There is still a lot to be done to build up kiez burn, one of them is power,

so it would be great to make a meeting where we can talk about how to organize the power and answer questions for power users on what we can and should not do,

we already have a working plan from last year, and now its time to build further on this plan so we can create a even better kiezburn,

For who is this meeting:
Everyone who is interested in a role helping to realize power
Artists and kiezes who will be using power
Everyone who has questions or suggestions about power or anyone who feels like they should be on this meeting

i put in some suggested dates, if you want to add a date feel free to do so


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