Kiez Burn 2022

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The purpose of this group is to聽plan the Kiez Burn 2022 event but first things first: Please read the Talk Netiquette and Guidelines.

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  1. Event Bureaucracy (Event Insurance, Event Permit, Hygiene Concept, Site Liaison, Sound Protocols)

  2. Event Safety (Feuerwehr, First Aid, Safety Protocols, Security)

  3. Finance Stuff

  4. Korg Team (Survival Guide, meetings & Notes)

  5. Toilets

  6. Event Entrance (Tickets, Gate, Greeters)

  7. Event Infrastructure ( Build, Strike, LNT, Power, Signs, Storage, Toolhaus, Water, Showers)

  8. Site Leads

  9. Site Management (Kieze Facilitation, Site planning)

  10. Welfare

  11. Rangers

  12. Volunteers Coordination ( Volunteer Kitchen, Sign Up)

  13. Dreams & Dreams Guiding

  14. Transportation ( Production transport, Human transport, Parking onsite)

  15. Satellite Events ( Precom, Decom, Ecom, Burn Night, Spark-Burning tofu)

  16. External input & Announcements (Festival roundtables, clubcomissionn meetings)

  17. Communication ( Newsletter, Telegram, Facebook)

  18. Covid-19

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