Robot Ministry

Welcome to the Robot Ministry!

We handle the Kiez Burn tech stack and train our inhouse robot army. If you are a developer and would like to help out, please do! Message @Henrik 馃 or @Zach Dunton

Our Main topics are:


We have a facebook messenger group where we discuss our tasks. It's usually very techy. Ask @Henrik 馃 or @Zach Dunton for access.

This Talk group is our connection to the community. Here we post tech stack updates and discuss matters that require community feedback.

For Meeting-Notes please check the "Meetings" subgroup! To avoid disappointment: So far we haven't had any offline meetings.


We keep copies of tools that we've been using the past years. You may check them out at the following addresses:

  • 2019

    • Dreams:

    • Realities:

Henrik 馃
馃 Want to join the Robot Ministry? Introduce youself here!
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Professor Kaos
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Bandit (strike co- Lead / Kinder Kiez enthusiast)
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Getting the dreams platform live and working
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Henrik 馃
Stakeholder Mapping aka "Realities"
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Henrik 馃
Changing hosts due to instability
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