2019 archive - 2019 Finances

Here is an overview of the Financials of Kiez Burn 2019

Obviously it is in our highest aspirations to have complete transparency on the topic of finances, as it engages teh whole community. If you have questions and thoughts, feel free to share them here and we can build the FAQ over time from that.

As a word of warning, please be patient with the Finance Team. It is a new team each year, and a very tough job. If something doesn't make sense to you, be supportive in your approach to a solution. Also recognize that everyone has different beliefs and definitions for the words they use that define their beliefs. In this space we aspire to be as objective as possible, and I personally am much more concerned about the pragmatic approach to solving the complexities of this Space. Let's try and avoid very length discussions about the philosophy of the money, and focus energy on the practically of balancing the budget evenly.

Thank you kindly for your time and contribution, and happy Burning.

If you have direct questions feel free to email us at;