2018 archive - Decompraiser

It's official: The Kiez Burn Decompression is happening! On the 9th of November the intergalactic family will meet again, this time at Birgit & Bier.

This Loomio group can be used to collect data and organise ourselves. Any voting or policies needed should be discussed here. Leads can use this space to organise their teams (DJ's, LNT, Angels, Gate and Greeters). Please add anyone that should/might want to be in here.

Want to get involved? Attend our meetings and add your ideas to the "BASIC ORGA & PLANNING" sheet.

– For any MUSIC related issues, please also contact @quentinfeugere.
– For ART GRANTS, get in touch with @annette13
– For WORKSHOPS & ACTIVITIES, write a message to Kate