2019 archive - 2019 Dream Whispers - Dream Guide Collaboration Thread

Dream Guides Only - to discuss things pertinent to Dreams.

How to Check a Dream:

  • Step 1: check Dreams Platform and make sure all dreams are in the spreadsheet

  • Step 2: add your name in the spreadsheet under "Responsible Dream Guide" next to the Dream you are taking

  • Step 3a: Dream can be approved immediately if it fits all criteria. Mark it on the spreadsheet and let the dreamer know

  • Step 3b: OR if there are any red flags, contact the Dreamer and help them fix it

To get Advice

  • Please create a NEW THREAD for every Dream that you have questions about - there might need to be some back & forth, so it's better to keep it in 1 location

  • Make sure that you include all the relevant information regarding the Dream, and keep it updated in the Thread so we have a good overview of what is going on

  • Advice is part of Consensual Do-ocracy -> Ultimately it will be up to you to decide which of your Dreams can be opened for voting and which can not

Dream Planting

Don't see any dreams available to Guide? It's because we need more publicity around the Dreams process - please share far and wide!