Kicking off legal - open role//looking for a realizer

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I am looking for a realizer who can manage the legal area this year. This includes mainly two areas:
1. Insurance
- Contact point for our insurance broker
- Request the needed insurance (event insurance and item insurance)
- Fill out forms and manage the paperwork (German knowledge comes in handy)
- Make sure all items are signed up prior to the event, create the relevant google forms and communicate with the community
- Work with finance on the payment
- After the event: in case of liability claims, be the contact person between the insurance broker and the burner

  1. Contract Help to review our contracts. No worries, you will not be the only one but an additional pair of eyes.

All of the work is done prior to the event. The total workload will be approx. 10-15 hours in total and can be done independently at your own pace
I am happily guiding and handing over my knowledge from last year.

Realities role (please assign yourself to it if you will take it up)


Owl Sat 16 Mar 2019 6:40PM

I can do it.


Carsten Sun 17 Mar 2019 10:24AM

I can help @holgerwessels if you want?


walto Sun 17 Mar 2019 4:33PM

Amazing we have 2 motivated people for legal! Could I ask, when the paperwork is semi-done, could we make sure that the communication regarding material insurance and people insurance is communicated to the Kieze and the dreams participants?

For reference, this was the communication in 2018:
- material insurance:
- liability insurance for the early arrivals: