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KiezKon 2022

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A day at Monopol full of workshops, seminars, art and games preparing us for our wonderful Kiez Burn.

Workshop ideas

If we can do these then Kiez Burn will be a better Burn:

  • Ranger Training (for all)

  • Welfare Training (for all)

  • Mediation Training

  • Principles Discussion Panels

  • Consent Training

  • How to LNT

  • Conflict Escalation Training

If we do these then you will have a better Kiez Burn

  • Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork

  • Flow Arts

  • The principles of building a safe structure

  • How to source materials

  • How to Advice Process

  • Camp Kitchen group discussion - skills and resource sharing

  • How to hand in receipts for your dreams

  • Meet the Board

  • Meet the Korg

  • And much, much more!!!

What do we have?

  • A secured location (an old distillery) with plenty of space for everyone to attend at no cost

  • 5-7 separated indoor locations

  • 3 covered outdoor areas

  • Loads more outdoor space

  • A community of badasses that can’t wait to get together, co-create and share knowledge

What do we need?

  • Some funding from Kiez Burn e.V. in order to secure material costs and some Art 

    • 3000€ would more than suffice)

  • The aforementioned community of badasses that can’t wait to get together, co-create and share knowledge to get together, co-create and share knowledge

    • We need workshop hosts. Especially if you are interested in hosting any of the topics listed above

    • We need realizers to use this as an opportunity to educate and train the community

    • We need the korg to use this as an opportunity to share knowledge and touch base with new members

    • We would like for the community to see how awesome the Board is, and how cool being on the board is. If there’s one thing a burner should aspire to, it’s being on the board. Did I mention boardies are cool? And sexy. You should try it out!

What can you do?

This is where you can show off your Communal Effort, Participation & Radical Self-Reliance.

Take the initiative and grab a role or workshop. Dive right in, you don’t need permission (but consent is very sexy!)

Overarching Onboarding doc (Which is actually a copy of this post)

Join the discord chat. Head to Satellite Events - > Kiez Burn Unconference (KBU)

The Discord Event is here

Check out the KBU Mastersheet

  • Check for open roles & shifts that may need filling

    • Spreadsheet Master

    • Shift Planner

    • Workshop Planner

    • Workshop Space Organiser (each space will need someone to set it up and ensure it’s read to rock)

    • Transportation Lead + Transporter (definitely better as a 2 person role)

    • Event Rangers (which could also be the official Ranger onboarding)

    • Site Leads

    • Artists

  • Find slots to put in your workshop, seminar, game or whatever.

This should be a blast. If you love what we're doing then don't forget to smash that Like button and hit Subscribe to get all the updates from your boi Professor Kaos!


Alex Kaos Thu 7 Apr 2022 3:49PM

So now I want to make an official application for c.a. 2000€ - 3000€ from Kiez Burn e.V and/or the Kiez Burn Event treasury to run this event.





This would be more of a donation on good faith, providing us with a location for cool future Berlin-based events



Renting a Transporter + Fuel


Workshop Materials

Stuff that workshop facilitators need to do their wrokshops (i.e. crafting materials, educational pamflets, etc)


Art Grant

People could dry-run pieces they want to bring to the burn and get some feedback/support on what the want to do. Otherwise we can just have some cool art pieces around!

500€ - 1000€

Technical Equipment

Chairs, audio equipment, other stuff needed for the event.



Alex Kaos Fri 29 Apr 2022 6:52PM

Just pinging the board & Schatzimeisterinen here for an answer. Can we get our money for this? Do you need anything else from me?
@Cairn (Clément) @Cris @Mareike @Caro T @Jan-Christian Kaspareit @Veroca R. Sala @Kathleen Stoeckel

We will be discussing opening donations to fund the event, in which we would be providing a refund to the Verein's budget allocation, of an unknown amount, along with all the unspent funds.
But I think it's important to keep this event free, and not sell drinks to recover costs.

Do you trust me to handle the finances appropriately? 🤓


Kathleen Stoeckel Mon 2 May 2022 9:11AM

Thanks for setting up the budget (and everything else) @Professor Kaos. We had a little chat on it. Would it be possible for you to work with a committed Kiez Burn e.V. budget of max. 1800 EUR for the KiezKon? We are putting out 22 k EUR for Art grants / Dreams this year while all basic infrastructure cost are increasing at the same time. Thus, we aim to keep the budget tight(er) before the event and once we can confirm to have remaining funds, spend the money later in the year. Let's have a call to discuss more details. Thanks xxx


Alex Kaos Thu 5 May 2022 10:24AM

Thanks for getting back to me @Kathleen Stoeckel.

That's great, yes I can work with the budget of 1800€. This is enough to ensure that we can easily cover the minimum costs. I will set up a framework for donations with which to offset this as much as possible, and/or use the donations from attendees to provide some financial support to the venue for their generous offer of hosting us.


Poll Created Mon 23 May 2022 10:04PM

Should Camps be invited to fundraise at KiezKon? Closed Sun 29 May 2022 9:00PM

Initially, the event was intended to be solidly built on the 11 principles of Kiez Burn.

It has been however, proposed in the last orga meeting to increase participation, and communal effort, by inviting camps to fundraise at the event, by selling food and drinks.

There will otherwise be no food or drinks available on site, and self-reliance was the expectation.

I would like to experiment with a little direct democracy on this topic, and offer our communities Talk contingent the opportunity to make the decision:
To commodify, or decommodify, that is this question!

The KiezKon Timetable (you may need to manually head to June 4th)

The KiezKon Mastersheet (we still have open roles if you wanna help out!)


Results Option % of points Voters
Let the Camps Fundraise! 60.9% 14  
Keep decommodification, no money on site! 30.4% 7  
Abstain (I'm too old for this shit) 8.7% 2  
Undecided 0% 78  

23 of 101 people have participated (22%)


Anonymous Tue 24 May 2022 4:38AM

Keep decommodification, no money on site!

I found not having money on the event to be a unique experience that sets it off from festivals. I find that not using money embraces gifting.


Anonymous Tue 24 May 2022 6:14AM

Let the Camps Fundraise!

I cannot choose the second option, as it uses Decommodification, when the principle being breached here is No Commerce 🤓
Also, while this applies to the Kiez Burn event, it has not really been enforced in other events, which are aimed to increase Participation & Community. These principles need more of a push than No Commerce, camps need $$$ to blow our minds during the burn, and the people need to eat & drink at KiezKon, sooooo 🙂


Anonymous Tue 24 May 2022 6:55AM

Let the Camps Fundraise!

Let them be able to ask for donations instead of payment, for what they are bringing? This way it’s still no commerce but instead funding can be gifted back to the community (aka the camps).


Anonymous Tue 24 May 2022 3:16PM

Let the Camps Fundraise!

Ja, why not? Otherwise, we'll leave the Kon to get out food and drinks and give someone else a profit...


Anonymous Wed 25 May 2022 2:14PM

Keep decommodification, no money on site!

Ideally there would be a table with food and drinks gifted by the community. If there isn't, it should be a point of inspiration for future years to improve towards. There are plenty of opportunities for camps to reliantly fundraise.

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