Burn Night Precompression 2022 Realizers/Lead Roles sign up

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Hey magic people, after having an awesome Decompression Party to end last year it is time to create a new team to plan this year's Precompression Party. It is still not sure when Corona will allow us to meet again but planning takes some time and hopefully in April/May it will be possible again to have a party again. So who wants to make some magic happen and lead one of the following positions?

Please share your Talk @handle so we know who you are:

Main orga

Covid lead

Finances & art grants





@Uli aus Berlin


Strike & LNT


Deco & build

Angels & Awareness

Isabelle @Jessie

Opening Ceremony



Graphics & design


Volunteer coordinator


Uli aus Berlin Sat 5 Feb 2022 5:15PM

Uli here, I can do the Workshop Lead.

I'm looking forward to work again with the dream team ❤


Mariana Fri 4 Mar 2022 1:04AM

Hey Hannes :)
Do we have an approximate date for then the precompression would happen?


johannes Fri 4 Mar 2022 12:41PM

Hey Mariana, so far it is not hundred percent sure if we go back to Birgit, as the location is for next few months booked out on weekends. We might be able to put it on a weekday but this is discussed right now on discord. We might have some alternative locations from last year we can get in contact with if someone signs up to be location scout.


Mariana Fri 4 Mar 2022 7:56PM

Thank you for the reply :)
I'll keep an eye on discord