Tool house

Roko Public Seen by 33

Hey friends! I remember that in the past Kiez Burns we had a tool house. Is anyone doing it this year? Would be nice to know what is available.

Sven Dudink

Sven Dudink July 28th, 2021 11:10

@Roko yes the Tool house is being used and will be done by @Nics

Hugs & Kisses


Nics July 28th, 2021 11:35

Hey @Roko, thanks @Sven Dudink for linking me. So yes, there is a toolhouse for org build. Are you part of the korg build team or asking from a Kiez / Dreamers / other background perspective? Are there any specific tools you are looking for?


Roko July 28th, 2021 11:39

Hii @Nics - I am part of Nubicuculia and asking from this perspective :))
I'll ask for specific needs and let our build champ join this chat. Should be mainly to cut wood, maybe also to make holes in the ground to put poles inside.

If Freiland does not mow our gras (as decided in the contract), maybe something for this could be helpful.


Nics July 28th, 2021 11:55

We will rent a power auger to make holes in the ground for poles. There will be one on site so will need to figure out timings for everybody but generally you can consider that available.

There are a couple of trimmers in storage (hopefully working) which we may be able to use for mowing but will depend of the size of the area. When do you expect to know if this will be needed?

As for any other tools - if the org build team doesn't need certain items at certain times, happy to make tools available to Kiez build teams but only then. So you might not want to only rely on it and be flexible in your timings. Maybe think of it more as a back up option?

Sven Dudink

Sven Dudink July 28th, 2021 19:20

@Nics we will also have a spare generator for everyone to use when needed, i was thinking, it is probably way better to let burners pickup the generator from toolhouse, what do you think about that?