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Burn Night 2021: Volunteers info & Sign-up

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Like always our Events work based on the principle of participation. Besides gifting Workshops, Performances, art or Dj Sets, without having volunteers to man up our Greeting Stations, be the Angels who guide us through our night help out, by setting up the Decorations or make sure we have a clean strike the next day our Event will not happen. So this is where you come in – sign up for a shift, gift a performance or set up a glitter station or other magical things:

Maybe something for you? Just leave us a comment below!

  • Orga co-realizer

  • Communication co-realizer

  • Greeting realizer (really important!)

  • Opening ceremony realizer

  • Food realizer

If you are interested in joining our site visit at Birgit & Bier, get in touch!


johannes Wed 27 Oct 2021 10:17AM

@Saskia @Kris @Jessie can you please give a short statement what your Volunteers would expect helping out with Gate/Angels/or checking Covid?


Saskia Wed 27 Oct 2021 1:33PM

Volunteers for QR / ID Check:
ORGANISATION (do not post with the form, this is for information):
We probably need 2 people per shift. Ideally we have a 'quick' queue and a 'slow' queue. Quick for the people who have everything (Covid Warn App / luca, digital vaccination certificate, proof of self-test at home /"Passierschein") and a slow for the people who need extra treatment (i.e. need a schnelltest to be done, need to write down their data because they don't use the apps, anything down that line)


Your task is to check the digital vaccination certificates using an app and making sure it matches the ID of the visitor. Please come with a charged phone and have the check-app (CovPassCheck) installed on your phone. You will also check the 'passierschein' aka the photos people provide from their self-test. Powerbanks will be provided. For people who do not use the apps, you will take their personal data. It might be that the security of the venue takes over this task.
In this case you'll check the 'passierschein' only or your volunteer shift gets cancelled.
Expect one (digital) onboarding meeting before the event.

ORGANISATION (do not post with the form, this if for information): This position, in particular, is unclear currently, as we are working on the concept with & we need to check how it looks at B&B.

Volunteers for Covid Testing Station:
We wish to go with a 2G + T strategy. For people who did not self-test at home or provide an invalid photo-proof ("Passierschein") we wish to provide an emergency Schnelltest option at the venue. Schnelltests need to be handled at around 20°C, so there will be a station for this. People will take their swap itself and mix it with the solution. Your task will be to drop the liquid on the testing cassette, time, check the results, and hand out the 'Passierschein'.
The specific 'how to' is still in development and depends on the agreement with the venue.

If you have experience with handling Schnelltests, please sign up for this position.

Once we run out of tests, this volunteering position vanishes.
Expect one (digital) onboarding meeting before the event.


Jessie Thu 28 Oct 2021 8:26AM

I need some general Information, before I can add a description. Who was Angel Realizer last time or are there any documents that gives me a little bit more Details about the Angels?


johannes Thu 28 Oct 2021 3:33PM

@Nora Flora was our Angel/Ranger Lead two years ago