2021 Dreams Receipt Hand in process for refunds - UNDERSTAND THIS IF YOU WANT YOUR MONEY!

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HI Guys,


We are no longer using the online expense tool. Simply email your receipts + cover sheet to and your Dream Guide (in the same email). Once they have both approved via Email then you can send your physical receipts in to the below address.

Physical Receipt hand-in deadline extended to the 15th September 2021!

we have compiled all of our resources to one place for your dreams receipt submission. Please watch the video, read the guide, and plan to prepare for your hand in. The better you understand early the quicker we can get this all done later.

If you need access to the Google Drive folder or documents, please join the dreamers group here.

The Kiez Burn Verein address is;

Kiez Burn e.V.

c/o Cuthbertson

Thaerstr 21,

10249 Berlin

WARNING - If you don't follow the instructions and complete a valid, timely and polite receipt hand-in, then you won't get your money. Kiez Burn will not break the law on your behalf, and it is your self-reliant responsibility to ensure you complete a correct hand-in. If you are terrible with burocracy = ASK FOR HELP FROM SOMEONE WHO'S GOOD!

Thank you for your time


Alex Kaos Wed 14 Jul 2021 10:11AM

There will be technical insurance which covers items that are written in a spreadsheet list.

  • It doesn't matter who the owner is.

  • When renting, use the Verein address as the invoice recipient.

  • The dreamer still pays now and is refunded later with successful bringing of the dream and complete documentation hand-in.

As a caveat, the excess for the insurance is 250€, so any item valued under this amount isn't really covered anyways, and it is the responsibility of the dreamer to ensure it is cared for properly before, during and after the event.


Michael G Sun 29 Aug 2021 12:07PM

I get this error submitting receipt. Can somebody help?

I have to say that this is the most complicated, convoluted and annoying refund process I have ever seen.


Diarmaid Mon 30 Aug 2021 10:06AM

There have been issues with the platform to upload reciepts. The deadline for submission will be extended, and the following workaround can be used to upload receipts:


If you don’t have many receipts, then you can simply email them to and your Dream Guide with this form.

If you have more than a few receipts, then our email clients might not be able to process the mail.

You can upload your receipts to a google drive folder and share with with finance and your dream guide. Your dream guide needs to check the content of what was purchased and finance validates the Finanzamtbehördehippygültigkeit of the receipts.

Finally finance still need a very clean, photocopied + original (thermal-ink only), and easy to comprehend physical hand in of ALL of your receipts (as usual), before any refund can be processed.


Diarmaid Mon 30 Aug 2021 7:14AM

From the manual: