Wed 4 Mar 2020 11:48AM

Finance Team is Recruiting

AK Alex Kaos Public Seen by 117
  • Do you love being the backbone of Co-Created events?

  • Do you love the idea of ensuring that happy-go-luck-hippies can contribute Mind-Altering Art without having to collect spare change on the U-Bahn?

  • Do you have a fetish for Spreadsheets and creating Order?

  • And like most good citizens, you are a fan of the almighty Overlords of Germany, the Finanzamt (long may they reign!)

    Come and bathe in this fantastic opportunity to support the Finance Lead on his quest to make Kiez Burn a Reality!

  • We are looking for someone to assist with supporting the Dreamers and Art Grants. Being a point of contact, and checking that their refund applications are all in order.

  • Someone who could assist with Korg (Kiez Burn Event Organization) overview and refund process.

And for anyone super interested, the potential to get the training and understanding needed to be the wonderful Schatzimeister for e.V for next year (potentially).


Valentin_Seehausen Sat 7 Mar 2020 4:43AM

Yeah, I guess that could be my style of contribution.