Power Lead 2022

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Hello there,

I want to make the Power Lead of Kiez Burn 2022.

Some of you already know me, some not.

I'm Sven, want to move to Berlin, but for now I'm living in NRW and had the fantastic joy of being a Power Ranger in the last year.

Now its time for me to develop myself and going further.

I thank you all so much for Kiez Burn, Burn Night and just the company in Berlin. It was overwhelming!

Have a fantastic new year, celebrate yourself :)


Kaliope Thu 6 Jan 2022 7:06PM

Hej Sven, hell yeah, so much motivation already so early even before there is a date 🔥 maybe you already know – there's a kick-off meeting next Thursday (January 13th), come and join if you can!


Sven E Fri 7 Jan 2022 8:52AM

Oh, its online also. Great!

Will be there :)


Veroca R. Sala Sun 30 Jan 2022 11:45AM

this is awesome @Sven E , super happy to see more burners switching on tasks and roles! and given you have already seen how things work out in 2021, im sure you will do awesome. We are entering slowly into the planning season. yay!!


Sven E Thu 3 Feb 2022 10:04PM

Such a wonderful welcome from you both, thank you =)
It feels right for me, even when this world is still new for me and i have much to learn.
Happy I can help and be a part of it!