Wed 16 Mar 2022 9:56PM

💩 Review / Post-mortem of KB2021 toilets

J Jack Public Seen by 9


Because the KB2020 provider Finizio cancelled on us last-minute, we had lots of extra work.

  • There were 10 toilets with 2 x 2 urinals on site from Freiland.

  • We reserved another 10 toilets plus 2 urinals and 2 hand-washing stations from the provider Oekolocus.

They are based in Leipzig so we had 2 super hero volunteers with rented “Sprinters”, one who drove from Dresden and another who went down from Berlin. If the provider does not sort the transport, its a lot more work. Overall, doing the transport ourselves was still very much cheaper.

We also purchased and transported (quite last-minute) 10 IBCs (international bulk containers), as well as 3 pumps, pipes and 25x 50L barrels for temporary shit & greywater storage.

Communication with Freiland was difficult in the build up.


We had 1 toilet lead on site who was also helping to build his camp. It was a lot of work for 1 person with 2 tired drivers. They loaded and unloaded 5 toilets per van.

We did not know where exactly the Freiland toilets would go right before the event and that needs to be coordinated better.

We used a container near the showers as our central storage for supplies.


Shit ninjas were informed in one big meeting on site how to handle the toilets.

For the Oekolocus ones, the barrels had to be emptied into the septic tank. The truck to suck up the waste came once during the event and once during strike.

Both toilets had different systems for maintenance, like one took hay as consumable and the other straw.

Strike & Storage

Strike went a bit chaotic as it was not quite clear who is responsible for what. The Oekolocus toilets were transported back to Leipzig, Freiland dealt with their toilets, but the IBCs and other equipment was left behind. Hopefully most of it made it to storage. A shit realizer needs to be on site to coordinate strike next time.