Mon 28 Mar 2022 10:49AM

Responsibilities of storage lead and clearance of that role (also in conjunction with build, LNT, and Transport)

S Saskia Public Seen by 54

Hello everyone,

I am posting on behalf of build lead Tascha, who is not on Talk.

Tascha started a discussion about storage over on discord and I was asked to link & copy-paste that discussion here on talk for archiving and documentation.

Hey people, ex and current build coordinator here. During build2021,
@Saskia/Fuzzy (she) and I took over to compensate the absence of the storage lead onsite. After the massive amount of shts that the build and strike teams had to deal with last year, and the cost it had for the people/community/Verein, I wish to clarify what the storage lead(s) role is about (one storage lead needs to be here for build AND strike - if two people want to coordinate about this, great!) : -

BEFORE THE EVENT: - review the existing storage plan, get in touch with Kieze - who comes back / overtakes what? - to prepare and communicate contracts with the current/new Kieze in case they wouldn't come back and/or leave traces.

- DURING BUILD: - make sure that Kieze which come back to KB22 empty their area by Tuesday evening - follow up and make sure that people are accountable and go around kick asses in case difficulties occur - make sure kieze don't steal each other's stuff.

- DURING STRIKE: - coordinate the people coming from site, indicate their area (mark them with safety lines for instance, and signs with Kieze names). - OTHERS: - the Kieze who don't come back are responsible for removing their area. If none of the Kiez members come back, get in touch with the former Kiez lead, and if no action is taken by the Kiez, this may lead to a ban (? of whom ?) - organise a round of trash disposal with the production truck most probably at the end of build AND strike (coordinate with LNT lead).

My last suggestion would be to move this realiser role from "nice to have" to "too big to fail". @jck, how would you complete this as former strike lead? @Purzel @CrisOlano @Alexxx (Professor Kaos) @Erin Courtney @Martin K (Knitterprofessor)@BurningBee @Cairn (Clément) anything to edit/add?'

Here is the link to the discussion.