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Kiez Burn 2021 - What's the Date? - August- 11th-15th!

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So the Korg ( The Kiez Burn Event Coordination Team) has had it's onboarding meeting and distributed the first set of responsibilities. We are now ready to begin moving forward with the event planning and start setting in some details.

Finding a Date

There are a few things on the horizon that need to be addressed quickly in order for us to move forward with the event.

First things first, we need to set a solid date!

For some context, our usually perfect date is the 16-20th of June, on the weekend of the equinox. Unfortunately this date is not available on the Freiland site this year, and it seems that all of June is actually blocked.

It also appears that Borderland and Nowhere are planning some form of events, and they normally take place in July, which many on the Korg didn't want to clash with.

That has left us with August. In the past we have ruled out August because of the Big Burn, all the other major festivals that run in that period, and also it's simply quite late in summer and people are often quite festivalled out by that stage.
We feel confident this year will be a little different.

No one knows what restrictions will be in place in which countries, and so our guess is that the larger festivals will be running at a much lower capacity, and so much less of a competitive threat for good participants. The same is likely true of the Big Burn, it will likely be even more exclusive, expensive and challenging to attend, making it less of a clash in possibility. And also because of the restricted number and size of festivals over summer, there's unlikely to become an end-of-summer-party-burnout effect which we should be cautious about.

So based on the availability of the individuals that will be holding hands to maintain the container of Kiez Burn for the event, we have narrowed the date range to 2 weekends (Wednesday to Sunday at current expectations).

August 11-15th (preferred date)

August 18-22nd (alternative date)

Korg Next Steps

The current missions are

  • Check with Freiland whether these dates are also available

  • Contact the First Aid company to see if they are free on these dates

  • Contact the Security company to see if they are free on these dates

  • Contact the Toilet company to see if they are free on these dates

  • Check with the community to see if there was any information we have missed, i.e.

    • Are there any major events running in these periods that would be problematic to the operation of Kiez Burn?

    • Does anyone have any specific or unique knowledge on the potential development of the Covid-19 situation?

How you can get involved now?

Firstly, we are looking for a few Realizers in specific areas, which will be needed to begin recruitment and organization. If any of these roles speak to you then please reach out to the relevant contact.

Important Note for New Burners: The main reason most of us Burn is because of the rapid growth this participatory culture cultivates. This happens because we have all taken on roles above and beyond our experience and grown into them. I wish to emphasize that this is not a job, and you do not need to have specific experience to be very helpful in any role. But you do need to have confidence that you can do it, and a certain commitment that you will do the best you can. No one is doing more than a few hours a week on average. If you feel a thrust to get involved and learn something from one of these absolute legendary Maestro's, roll with that impulse, and reach out!

  • @Jan Thomas is currently our Site liaison. He would like some support with this (update: @Annette and @Kate as realizers). The role entails being a contact point between the Freiland team (owners of the Gelände), the local Amt and the Korg/Event. Some responsibilities might include:

    • Travelling to site with or without Jan to discuss certain topics with the Freiland guys.

    • Communicating via phone/chat with the Freiland team on evolving topics

    • Potentially assisting with the Permit application to the Amt

    • Being available as a backup to talk to the Amt or Freiland team during the event in an 'emergency'

    • Skills needed: Responsible, communicative and German language. Being comfortable with pleasant country Ämter is a bonus.

  • @Hanna-Maija (Animal) ( is the COVID-19 Response Team Lead. A group of people that are eager to ensure the safe enjoyment of our participants. Responsibilities might include:

    • Keeping a track of the evolving situation and remaining informed on the restrictions and plans of the German Government

    • Establishing how the event will play into the continued release of the vaccine, and how we might effectively test participants.

    • Developing an on-site hygiene plan and protocol in the event of finding a Covid case onsite during the event/build

    • Communicating of the current situation and requirements to other teams and ticket holders.

    • Skills needed: Healthcare professional would be a huge plus to the team, problem solving abilities, responsible, German language skills, enthusiasm to make a covid safe(r) environment. Strictly no covid critical/deniers to this team.

  • @Purzel ( is our Security, First Aid and Feuerwehr liaison. He will need at least one supporter for sure, but by my preference one for each area would help to distribute the load massively, to help with these communications. Responsibilities might include:

    • Being up-to-date with the current contract/deal situation of each area

    • Assisting in keeping information up-to-date between any company and the Korg

    • being available for onboarding each/any area on site. Occasionally checking in with each/any area to ensure they have what they need.

    • Skills needed: Responsible, communicative and German language. Being comfortable with people in uniform is a bonus.

  • @Veroca R. Sala has been our Realities realizer last year. She is looking for help with organizing and maintaining the Realities platform. See the call out thread here. We will be onboarding and getting it organized this week, please reach out to her or myself (@The Lord of Fire (Schatzmeister)) ASAP if you are interested in helping with this. Realities could become an incredibly powerful tool for community organization, and so if you are interested in future alternative methods of governance and orga, this is an incredible opportunity to get your head around a cutting-edge concept-tool.

    • Skills needed: A love for drawing a connective web of collaboration. Knowledge of the existence of Realities is a bonus

  • WE NEED A DREAM GUIDE GUIDE- The Dreams Platform is our super cool way of giving Burners the opportunity to both decide to make some cool art in their own way, and also decide where they want their contribution of ticket money towards art is spent. If you love the idea of enabling Participants to grow in a creative and decentralized way then this is a super cool tool to play with.

    • The role is a facilitator role, and involves holding the container of the team together to move forward in making decisions on processes and 'rules' to release the Dreams Platform in a timely manner.

    • Timeframe: From immediately until about April. After which the processes should be automated and responsibilities distributed.

    • Skills needed: This is a Project Management role, so anything in that line of experience is useful.

We will be rolling out a more specific and direct recruitment method by the end of the week for all the Realizer roles needed to make this event successful. If you've already filled out the other for then that's great, the Korg will reach out to you once we have a better alignment system in place.

What about the Dates?

Do you have some information for the Korg that you think is relevant to the selection of the dates? Then please comment below. Your advice could prove useful.

Also note that we hope that your intention when providing advice is to help the Kiez Burn event evolve and unfold into the most magical event it can be. It is advisory only, and as we continue to experiment with the principles of Consensual Do-ocracy, the final decision will fall to the volunteers who are carrying the most responsibility to make the event happen (which is the Korg)


The KORG took to vote based on the information provided by Freiland (both dates are possible and we are able to go for a slightly longer Build period this time). The earlier weekend suggested was closely favoured.

This is going to be one very beautiful Summer! Thank you for joining us!


Sven Dudink Tue 12 Jan 2021 11:14PM

Im going to do Power & Water, i will be looking for Co leads, either for a single role, or for water and power together,

Im not so picky for the dates


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Wed 13 Jan 2021 11:31AM

FYI The Borderland also have the clever idea of considering a later event also. Can be seen in this thread:


Purzel Wed 13 Jan 2021 11:37AM

I managed to get in contact with first aid and the local fire department so far.

The first aid people don't care at all which date we choose.

The local firedepartment is not totally excited about August, many of them are farmer and August is a busy time for them.

They lean slightly to a preference for the 18.-22.08. but by not much.

I'm currently working on getting in touch with the security company.


Agata Thu 14 Jan 2021 8:19PM

hey! I will be doing Wellfare, the 11-15.08. would be waay better for me because I have vacation that week. It might be impossible to push it for the following weekend so my vote is definitely on11-15.08.


Thomas Hohe Fri 15 Jan 2021 6:24PM

@Jan Thomas: should you still be looking for some support I’m more than happy to assist! It’s also safe to say that I have extensive knowledge when it comes to pushing paper with the authorities 😬

I didn’t see your email-address here but maybe you’ll stumble over this post here ;)


Jan Thomas Mon 18 Jan 2021 1:14PM

@Thomas Hohe thanks for putting your hand up! We have already had a couple of other people joining this effort, so I think for now this it is appropriately covered and more people would be too much. I hope you can apply your talents in another area that is still looking for supporters?


julian Mon 18 Jan 2021 5:13PM

11.-15. is also bucht der träumer... 18.-22. is new healing & moyn moyn (cafe wonderland was supposed to be setted up at new healing too)... mid august is so full of festivals anyway, would be really nice to have it in some way a little out of high season peak. but of course kiezburn with highest priority though and happy to hear things are moving


Kaliope Wed 20 Jan 2021 2:00PM

Hej everyone! I'm excited about getting back into the planning together with you guys 🔥 No matter how uncertain or utopian that is at the moment 😷

The site liaison crew (@Annette @Jan Thomas and I) just had a nice talk to Dilan and Eric from Freiland. I will open another more detailed thread or post the individual info in already existing threads – however, these are things you should have in your beautiful minds when planning:

  • They wish us to work out a sound concept and coordinate it together with them – it would be great if the first draft is up in 14 days (that's when our update call takes place) so we can move on here. More info in this thread.

  • We also talked about possible dates: August 11-15 would be the perfect date for both sides, but if necessary we can also switch to the weekend after (August 18-22).


Quentin Mon 25 Jan 2021 1:39PM

Hey everyone, thank you for starting this again!! Very looking forward ☺️

I would like to help with the sound guidelines if the role is still free. It s a tricky topic, but very important for Ithe whole community I think.

Regarding the dates, I think it is quite difficult to have KB during the peak festival season.. We will for sure miss a lot of individuals and crews for this edition. For example there is I believe a big crowd overlap with Bucht der Träumer..

Also I am maybe a bit too romantic about it, but I feel having consistent dates for an event over the years is something crucial. You connect it to memories and feelings, and Kiez Burn is the event where we welcome summer !!

Same for Fusion in June or BM in the end of Summer... It stays consistent.

Moving it this year might also impact the future years.. especially if we want to stay at Freiland.

I feel this feedback already comes a bit too late, and that decision is already taken anyway. But it was ask in the post, so I wanted to give my opinion on this.


Alina, also known as Universe Mon 25 Jan 2021 9:06PM

August is a beautiful month for burning! Let's do it! <3

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