Mon 16 Mar 2020 9:07AM

Shift Plan

J Jovana Public Seen by 13

Hello beautiful humans <3

Please see below the link to this year's Kiez Burn shift plan. Feel free to add your name+details to to the sheet if you'd like to lead a shift.


Veroca R. Sala Tue 17 Mar 2020 7:40PM

Hi ! nice to see the ball is rolling ❤️ here passing by to drop some tips learned from other Realizers along the way

Would you give us some more info like:

  • Who are you and which is your role in Kiez Burn

  • to whom is this thread for? ( Realizers?/ whole community?/ camps?/ those that want to volunteer on-site?

  • What is this thread for? ( is it to gather people to attend a potential workshop? is it a sign up for a Lead shift onsite? if so, sign up is still not open until tickets are on sale 👈

  • What would it mean to "Lead a shift"? what this requires?

  • A lead shift in which area of Kiez Burn? - I know this thread is in the Welfare group, but it also appears in the Kiez Burn planning group among all the rest of the threads.


  • If this post is supposed to recruit people for a workshop (to later on be Leads), maybe you wanna say something about the workshop? ( like what kind of content will be given/ durability etc).

  • I would also consider being more specific on the name of the thread. Something that contains the word "Welfare"

  • Keep in mind many people on talk is not into all the groups and not necessarily know much about welfare.

  • Crossing this thread on Facebook might be good to engage people into this initiative, but for that first, let's work out the content so the hippies can understand what would they be signing up for.

Btw the Spreadsheet looks very good! 👌