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Welfare Progress

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The process of setting up Welfare in 2021

What is Welfare?

Welfare has a crucial role at Kiezburn. It is a place open to visit for the entire Kiezburn community. Festivals in general and use of substances can result in overwhelming and uncomfortable experiences.  Welfare at Kiezburn is a space for people to retreat to if they want to quiet & calm down, return to feeling safe psychologically & physically, and reinstate a feeling of belonging.  We think that we can make Kiezburn a safer place by creating a culture of compassion and support. If we can get people to take care of each other, a lot of harm can be prevented, and we rise together as a community.

Volunteers are there to provide care and kindness to the visitors,  where  anyone can find support in whatever they are going through.

One can stop there to get a cup of tea, a chat, ears to listen, a sitter, nurse, plaster, band-aid, a hug or support to find more professional help.

There are two kinds of Welfare Volunteers:

  1. Care Bears are Welfare volunteers that went through A Care Bear School or have Welfare relevant experience and provide compassionate care and support for people who are having challenging experiences: psychological or emotional. There are 3 kinds of Care Bears:

    1. Domestic Care Bears

      These Care Bears live in the Republic of Care aka Welfare and help out in the Hall of Hearts ( the Main Tent) and Care-a-Lot (Specialized Care Tents). Their focus is on caring and helping and bringing love. If someone comes to Welfare needing more attention, they can be assigned to Care-a-Lot, which is a separate tent where we take care of people going through psychological difficulties. A Care Bear will support them there.

    2. Wild Walking Care Bears

      Because this year is special for all of us, we will have teams of Care Bears and Teddies walking around Kiezburn to elevate the collective emotional level. They are there to bring care, harm reduction supplies and to make your time as enjoyable and lovely as possible. So if you need a little love, a hug, or any other magic, they are here to make this burn even greater and more loving. These wandering Care Bears can be recognized by their super comfy fur, the Kiezburn Welfare sign on their bellies, their special Welfare badge and a pole with a care bear attached to the top.

    3. Harmony Supervising Bear

      This care bear is on duty for the Republic of Caring aka Welfare for 12 hours to ensure continuity. The harmony bear stays reasonably close to Welfare and carries a radio so that they can be reachable at all times. These are highly trained professionals who are either doctors or have other high qualifications and know how to handle any emergency situation.

  2. Teddies Teddies are apprentices and companions of the Care Bears and are there to assist in whatever is needed: serving tea, making people feel welcome or any other support in the Hall of Hearts. No experience with psychological care is needed to be a Teddy but they need to feel comfortable with taking care of people in distress and are good listeners.

What do you have to do here?

  • recruiting and managing Welfare team

  • finding and communicating with volunteers

  • setting up and coordinating harm reduction and harm - support trainings and to make it really great authentic relating and other relating modality trainings

  • managing inventory, purchasing and delivering needed items

  • setting up or managing setting up a Welfare space on site

  • cleaning of previous year: blanket, sheets and other washable materials

  • leading and moulding the team into a coherent whole, facilitating state of trust, reliance and loyalty between team members

  • establishing a working schedule at Kiezburn with back up plans and people

  • cooperation with First Aid and other complementary services

  • Code of Conduct and Safety protocol training


  • in 2021 we are having 1500 Euro budget and are we are not renting a yurt as we did in previous year. We are going to be working with a 5x5 tent and getting extra tents to make it nicely set up

  • I put up a dream in order to be allowed for Built and we are going to have some additional funding from that

Welfare Love-A-Lot Team

@River Aleks - Welfare Lead

@Valentin_Seehausen - Budget, Safety, Inventory, Build

@Rachel - Volunteer Coordination

@Lindsey E Shit Plan Magician

@Joice Biazoto - Costumes & Culture

@Ale - Orga Wizard

@Alex - Welfare Dream & Build

@Marina - Graphic Design, Deco & Orga Wizard

@Nicki Trainings & Harm Reduction Team

@Inna - Training Coordination, Community & Inventory

@Juliane Mueller Culture and Bear Graduation Ceremony

@Sarah Montgomery Project Manager and Deadline Dominatrix


  • last year' Welfare leads ( Kai and Steffen)

  • org questions? board 

  • finance? @Professor Kaos

  • other peeps: see realities + Add your name here too!

Other Welfare Team Duties

  • Volunteer coordination

  • Get stuff back into storage and make an inventory

  • Clear out with finance all invoices etc

More details can be found in google drive over here:


  • Preparing a shift plan and passing it on to the Volunteer Lead

    • we used a shift plan both for Care Bears and Teddies from previous years, we have expanded the plan for some additional mobile shift at the most demanding times of Kiezburn

    • it was extremely easy this year to find volunteers this year, the intake form was posted once on Kiezburn Channel and once on Facebook Kiezburn group and generated 80 sign ups.

    • it was tricky to communicate the training dates as it was still unclear who, how and what will be the trainings, it would have been way easier if we knew it well in advance.

    • the shift plan is closed until we are through with first harm reduction training because we want to make sure that there is at least one trained person per shift.

  • Finding a training partner

    • as I do not have enough experience in harm reduction I was not feeling so confident in this area but it could have been easily sourced from the community, there was a lot of people with great experience who filled out our intake form

    • we opted out to find help with Chillout-Potsdam or Eclipse. Eclipse is way to busy and probably should have been contacted 2 - 3 months ago. Chillout-Potsdam were slow to reply, I called them 3 times and they were extremely nice on the phone and eager to help but it took them over 2 weeks to get their act together and to proposed a date, which was tricky in this year as we are doing everything so late. But I have announced the date already and have asked people to fill out this questionnaire to find out how many people can make it.

    • the Chillout contact person is Manuela Schulz ( ) who worked with us in 2017 and had a great experience and wants to do it again with us but she asked for a honorary, which we will pay, it is unclear yet how much.

    • I asked for a help of a friend Nathan who had been bringing Authentic Relating and other relating modalities to Berlin to give us a training on that and offered him a small honorary ( 35 Euros)

  • Setting up a team

    • the process so far has been very organic. I found at least 2 members who are very passionate for the project and it has been easy and joyful to work together

    • I would be a tiny bit more confident to have some person with medical/harm reduction experience with us but it is and would have been easy to source it externally.

  • Creating a Care Bear and Teddy concept

    • it is the first year that we have called the Welfare Volunteers Care Bears and Teddies

    • it seems to have contributed greatly to the the upsurge in volunteers

    • @Boaz Balachsan has offered to create a logo for us, it is looking great but we are still working on a final version

    • we would like to create a teddy and care bear look, this is still in progress and we will look for suggestions

    • we will offer badges and pins for the volunteers with the logo

    • we also are working on creating and spreading of a culture of compassion and support

  • Making sure that Welfare is Visible

    • we had reports from last years that Welfare was hard to find and that people did not know it existed

    • I talked to the gate lead to make sure that greeting incorporates some sort of indication of welfare and first aid

    • we will make sure to make many signs and a glowing sign for the night time

  • Making sure that Welfare is in a quiet zone

    • in the 2 previous Kiezburn editions Welfare was next to Underworld

    • this year it was a priority to move it to a more quiet location

Notes from Welfare Meetings

  • 1st meeting from the 29.06.2021 notes

  • 2nd meeting from the 08.07.2021 notes and role distribution notes

  • 3rd meeting from the 19.07.2021 notes which are also housed on the Master Google Doc

  • 4th meeting from 26.07.2021 notes

  • 5th meeting from 02.08.2021notes


Veroca R. Sala Mon 5 Jul 2021 11:46AM

Thanks for putting this together ❤️ im dropping here some questions that come to mind so we can all work on it together.

  • Who are these wonderful humans in the welfare team? Could you tag them and tell us their responsibilities? Thanks.

  • How is the volunteer plan going? we had over 70 people interested in the carebear role that have signed up through the form. We considered we actually needed 30 people since each one should sign for 2 shifts over the duration of the event. Is this still the idea?

  • How many carebears have dropped out?

  • How is the welfare placement going? @Cairn (Clément) can we already think of a fixed area for it? where that would be, or when would we have that information? The planning thread doesnt offer a timeline, maybe with a timeline you would avoid having us asking the same thing all the time, sorry for that🤗!

  • Finance tag @Professor Kaos ( not Alexx hehe)

  • Storage: As mentioned in other conversations I would guess all listed elements in the inventory are in the storage, not so easy to access. Especially all small things like tee etc. are nicely put in plastic boxes, however, Im not sure about the state of these edibles and would consider buying all new to be safe! see this comment

  • There will be enough mattresses, dont worry about that!

  • welfare tent: Are we using the old first aid tent and something else? As for your information, the site leads will have their own slipping tent where 4 people can fit standing to have a talk and can be used as a station, so we dont need to use welfare space for this as it has happened in the pat @CJ Yetman is this correct? Does this mean that only one tent will suffice for the welfeareans?

  • Event program: feel free to give some copy to the event program realizers @Jarrod Wright @Fabi 🦥 to add it into the printed version before the 11th of July This is their thread.

    this is short info about welfare that would be nice to adapt and integrate to the printed program

  • BUDGET: to use as reference, I suggest making a breakdown of the expenses. How much will be spent in:

    • deco, pins, fabric to cover the mattress and "walls" etc.

    • workshop training expenses

    • tee, cookies

  • COVID: how the tent aligns with covid requirements? do we need to think of not building up a closed space but leaving "walls" open. Making the walls with hanging fabrics that let the air come through? think of this and inform @Natacha Kromatik, please. These are the regulations work in progress


River Aleks Mon 5 Jul 2021 1:34PM

You are welcome @Veroca R. Sala <3 , here are my answers

  • Who are these wonderful humans in the welfare team? - we are still unsure if all of them have tickets, which is a major drain on me and a blockage to pull the welfare off. It was a lot to work on the entire welfare by myself, without having extra tickets to get help in such a short period of time. At the end of last week, I was promised more tickets for people who can support Welfare and I have found an amazing team, but they are still waiting to find out if they have tickets. I would need even more tickets since we started everything so late. As soon as this gets clarified, I will mention all of them.

  • How is the volunteer plan going? we had over 70 people interested in the carebear role that have signed up through the form. We considered we actually needed 30 people since each one should sign for 2 shifts over the duration of the event. Is this still the idea? - these are rumors, i never considered that, it was the way it was done in 2019, it was different in 2018 and 2017. I want to have as many volunteers as possible. We have increased the number of shifts to also have Care bears who wonder around to offer support.

  • How many care-bears have dropped out? so far 3 that I know of ( 2 sold their tickets, 1 resigned)

  • How is the welfare placement going? @Cairn (Clément) - we are in conversation and have locked in a location

  • Finance tag @Professor Kaos ( not Alexx hehe) - oops I copied this from Franzi's post

  • Storage: it would be better to know what is there but we will work with what we have

  • welfare tent: @Professor Kaos has a big tent for us, not sure what it was used for before, but it is much smaller than the Yurt we used before, so it is not a great place for emergency site lead meetings @CJ Yetman - I would like to discuss this with you.

  • Event program: great to know, we need put our trainings in and a care bear graduation ceremony

  • BUDGET: to use as reference, I suggest making a breakdown of the expenses. How much will be spent in: - as soon as our budget lead has a ticket, he will get on it and will be tagged. @Valentin_Seehausen

  • COVID: how the tent aligns with covid requirements? I wanted to have a tipi as resting space at least, do we have any we could use for Welfare? @Natacha Kromatik

Item removed


Natacha Kromatik Tue 6 Jul 2021 7:25PM

Dear Welfare leads @Ale @River Aleks, I'm the build coordinator and here is what our team can/'t provide to you:
CAN - 5x5 tent from storage as mentioned already
- a couple (of couple) of arms to build it
- mattresses from storage (how many? let's see what their real state is though)
- potentially lend you tools
CAN'T - support the realisation of further infrastructures such as tipis
- organise the darkening(?) of the big tent

When do you plan to start building it? Of course, we'll bring everything out of storage anyways, but I'd like to include it in the build plan, according to the help we can offer, hoping it will run smoothly between both build/welfare teams. Don't hesitate to tag me here / get in touch personally if anything occurs!


Valentin_Seehausen Wed 7 Jul 2021 6:09PM

Hey there, my intro: I am Valentin, have been on the pre-corona Kiezburn 2019, absolutely loved it, and happy to bear here! Sorry for the picture. Logged in with google, couldn't change it.

I felt totally drawn by the vision of having welfare as this lovely care bear thingy 🧸that spreads a lot of love. 💗Super grateful for @River Aleks for that and happy to be here! So I guess I would count as co-lead #2, budget, building, and transport.

I also understand welfare is a critical part of the security concept. So happy to help with making sure all needs are met here!

Also happy to make sure building team and welfare will be a super lovely and strong teddy-match. I will most probably have my holidays around Kiezburn and will be able to put a lot of effort and help into it starting Monday before Kiezburn. Before I lean towards orga. ;-)

As we said: The plan is to have a bunch (20-40) of bears on site that know how to handle difficult situations (care bears). Also, we will have even more people that love to help but didn't get a "proper" education (proper means attending at least one workshop) but are eager to help spread love and calmness in crazy situations (teddies). There will be educated people (care bears) in the tent and elsewhere at all critical times, the helpers (teddies) will help. Of course psychologists/therapists and people with education will become care bears. There will be qualified people at all critical times. And they will be called care bears. 🧸The trainings will take place July 13th (authentic relating) and 17th (the relevant harm prevention training, all volunteers are invited.

Super happy for the 5x5 tent, will make sure I know our other possibilities soon.

Corona: I will check the legal requirements of Brandenburg (or is it even MeckPomm?) and make sure all is good. Pretty sure the "one site open" policy will not make it legal, though. Have been checking the Corona rules quite constantly for other events.

Wuhu, I totally love this vibo where we are all planning a festival, put a lot of effort into it, and in the end have this wonderful experience at Kiezburn that we all dreamed of. Supernormal to get stressed out sometimes, that is why we do cocreation. Love for work, work for love :-)

Any other things that are important? (sorry I am a newbee 🐝)


Valentin_Seehausen Mon 12 Jul 2021 11:34AM

Hey lovelies, here is our master doc: just to let you know.


Sarah Montgomery Tue 13 Jul 2021 10:58AM

Hello all, happy to be a part of this team and support to monitor deadlines cc @River Aleks 🙂


Purzel Mon 19 Jul 2021 7:30PM

To whom do I need to talk, concerning the collaboration with First Aid. Our company is excited to work with you 😊


Cris Tue 27 Jul 2021 3:49PM

Dear Welfairies, little question here: how will people identify the mobile Care Bears?

I guess maybe @Joice Biazoto, @Rachel or @Marina may know the answer?


Ale Mon 5 Jul 2021 6:09PM

Hi @Veroca R. Sala , thank you for clarifying and giving us new perspectives and insides!

Concerning tickets and responsibilities: There was a lot of confusion and complexity involved. Welfare had zero tickets available and until last week it was unclear, if there would be any. Budgeting and planning definitely started and wouldn't have been on hold, but in the last week things changed. Sadly there was still confusion and misunderstanding that led to being unsure if the people who are involved would get tickets. That made it confusing and insecure for people involved and we now know that we should have more trust ❤️, but it didn't seem so until the last few days and today. I hope you understand our position. :)

As the team was still relatively small and there wasn't too much capacity, the work was only 'on hold' for a few days last week or to give another perspective: there were a lot of priorities and tasks and only a very small amount of people involved in organizing. But has taken up speed more now than ever!

welfare tent and placement: thank you for clarifying! ❤️ That definitely makes sense to plan and have more information! Aleks is in contact with Clément about the placement and we will have a concept for the make up of the welfare area in the next meeting. ( @River Aleks ) so that it's easier for everyone involved to know about. We'll keep this updated. I'll open up a second thread for the welfare area and how we want everything to look like.

Thank you for your suggestions! We'll post the meeting times here and everyone interested, can contact us to join. Next week it's probably one evening at the beginning of the week.

Thank you all for your hard work! 🌸


Ale Wed 7 Jul 2021 7:37PM

Hey @Valentin_Seehausen feel free to read up on the corona safety protocol and other Threads here on talk. Might also give you a good idea how everything is right now and how we Organize ourselves on talk and in general. (Saying we, but I’m also a first timer and I found It very helpful 🥰)


Purzel Wed 7 Jul 2021 7:48PM

Thanks for the Update and organising, we do comply to corona state regulations but might handle things a bit strikter, it's best to get in touch with @Hanna-Maija (Animal)

She and her team are the ones, creating our guidelines concerning corona. 😊


River Aleks Mon 12 Jul 2021 8:58AM


Veroca R. Sala Mon 12 Jul 2021 9:20AM


Valentin_Seehausen Tue 20 Jul 2021 7:47AM

To me please. :)

Purzel ( ( )) schrieb am Mo. 19. Juli 2021 um 21:30:


CJ Yetman Mon 5 Jul 2021 12:27PM

As for your information, the site leads will have their own slipping tent where 4 people can fit standing to have a talk and can be used as a station, so we dont need to use welfare space for this as it has happened in the pat @CJ Yetman is this correct? Does this mean that only one tent will suffice for the welfeareans?

Yes, this is true... the Site Leads will have their own home base where they can rest and have private-ish discussions. However, due to several conversations we've had this year already, I'm hesitant to say this without adding the caveat that the Welfare tent still plays a critical role in our safety protocols and the overall infrastructure that we depend on to deal with incidents. It is very possible that a Site Lead may choose to use the Welfare tent for various reasons. It's not about stepping on people's toes or using other people's stuff... it's about making the most appropriate, most effective decision in the midst of a crisis. For instance, if I had to tell a parent that their child had drowned in the lake, I very well might decide to have that conversation at the Welfare tent so there would immediately be people there to comfort the parent and I could continue dealing with the other aspects that surely would come from such an incident. I really don't want to foster this idea that the Welfare tent is a completely independent area that can do whatever it wants and doesn't need to cooperate with the other parts of our safety infrastructure.


CJ Yetman Mon 5 Jul 2021 2:58PM

sure, let's chat... maybe directly after the Korg meeting today? I encourage you to read the Safety Protocols to get a sense of how Welfare plays an important role in our safety infrastructure.


River Aleks Mon 5 Jul 2021 3:25PM

I have my hands still to full this week and do not have space to read it , but hopefully next week. I will be training with Eclipse today on how to set up care facilities at 19:00. I might still join if I am not too exhausted, so we should chat on another occasion.


CJ Yetman Mon 5 Jul 2021 4:25PM

OK... I think we're getting to the bottom of the misunderstanding now. Site Leads would not ask to use the Welfare space for anything that did not require Welfare... there would be no justification for that.


River Aleks Mon 5 Jul 2021 4:33PM

there are a lot of incorrect informations, assumptions and questions here , I do not have space to reply or clarify accept to one point. I just want to mention since you insist on the 2 volunteers you forwarded to me: one these people turned out to be super flaky ( not only she did not show up for a phonecall appointment and did not say anything after that but then she messaged me randomly few days later on a weekend asking me if i have time to talk to her in that moment). The second one is on the team with us and is great and worked with us even if she was told that she is not guaranteed a ticket. This is one of the many reasons, besides the tone of your last few messages, I am upset about. I was not granted a single ticket even for one person that offered support. She was told she could have a ticket only last week.

Volunteering is wonderful but having this as a full time job is another thing.


Ale Mon 5 Jul 2021 4:34PM

Hi @Veroca R. Sala , I'm also part of the welfare team and I hope i can bring more clarity here as well. :)

We're organized in a group of people that are all collaborating real close and try to tackle what needs to happen. As we all know - it's not a lot of time and the work is big for everyone. So glad to see so many amazing and active souls involved at kiezburn!

We have our next meeting soon (next week at the latest) and will talk about volunteers, strict description of teddy/care bears and other topics there.

Site leads: We'll get in contact and we know and want to more than fulfill our role as welfare and safe haven for the kiezburn community.

Training/event program: The training/workshops will happen beforehand or at the beginning of kiezburn and are just for the care bears, so there shouldn't be a need to get it into the communication or workshop programm leaflet beforehand :) We're organizing that at the moment with someone from chillout/eclipse and someone experienced with "authentic relating". I'm in contact with the embassy and 'werkstatt' in the Haus der Statistik concerning rooms, but nothing's clear yet.

Care bears/Teddy Role description: We're working on it right now. At the moment this is what's clear: Care bears need to get a training in harm reduction and/or authentic relating. For wandering around: we'd like to have more visibility and easy access for people who might need our support. The wandering teddy/care bears can either support directly or lead to the welfare area. More details soon.

welfare team/tickets: I can totally relate and understand, that you have to take care of your time, many tasks and energy as well. Please don't see this as an attack. I think there was a lot of uncertainty for all of us and we're glad to be able to have experienced people with us on the team now. They also involved themselves and contributed even before they had a ticket. So probs and thanks to them! ❤️ (Please no worries and please have trust in us as well, that we don't just want to have tickets, but people who contribute greatly :) )

welfare placement: I think welfare can already be found on the map. More details and further updates on the discussion or uncertain terms will follow asap.

welfare tent: To be honest this also feels kind of judging to me and I hope I can make you excited for our vision! As it's not just drinking tea and chilling 😉❤️

We want to have a space where people can rest, recover, come down if they are having a bad experience. Get back to earth more or less. Where people can take a break from overstimulation etc.

Next to that, we want to create 2-3 spots where people can get emotional support. Talk about their worries, their needs, what's hindering them from enjoying themselves. Might also be the place for people regarding situations mentioned in the safety protocols.

dream and build: Thank you for the hints and tips and giving us an idea on what to expect. We'll do our best to keep this in mind for our planning and more details will follow here soon as well. :)

I hope this gave a bit more clarity, otherwise let me know.🌸 I know I'm incredibly glad to have @River Aleks as our Lead and she's running in circles to make everything possible in such a short time. Please all - be conscious about each other and remember: everyone is trying their best! ❤️


River Aleks Tue 6 Jul 2021 7:51PM

HI Natasha, these questions can be clarified with @Alex who is our Dream Lead. @Alex could you coordinate this with Natacha? And thank you for your help @Natacha Kromatik !


Ale Tue 6 Jul 2021 8:00PM

@Alex feel free to give updates over there:

So it’s not lost here in this thread :)


Valentin_Seehausen Mon 12 Jul 2021 10:28AM

I assume it is this document: @Veroca R. Sala you did some good edits. Is this appropriate for the Kiezburn programm?


Veroca R. Sala Mon 12 Jul 2021 7:27PM

Hi I didn't edit anything! Maybe someone else.


River Aleks Tue 27 Jul 2021 4:04PM

they will have bear ears, furry vests, t shirts with our own welfare logo placed on their tummy , like the real care bears do. They will also carry a stick with a care bear teddy attached to it. They will also have welfare pins.


River Aleks Mon 5 Jul 2021 2:39PM

To be honest, I feel patronised. I am overworked and do not have any more capacity to be answering the nitty gritty points raised here for the second time at this moment, or in the next days. Even from the points you just mentioned you can see that this is not a task for just me. I was doing this on my own without support of any people or tickets at first for a month, this would have been fine if it was a normal year maybe, but this is a year where we had to work double the time because of everything being done at the last moment. I was supposed to have a co lead, she dropped out. I underestimated the scope of this myself at fist. This is became my full time job. I wish I would have been granted tickets at least , and then as second the trust to know how many and what type of people I need. Right now I found more people because I was told there could be more tickets for Welfare only last Friday. It would relieve me and them to know where we stand in terms of tickets. I was not given a definite answer if I have the tickets for sure, which made things even more stresfull. We all can wait for the tickets, but I need to know if they are in or not, which we do not know. There are no co leads on my team, whatever that term entails.


River Aleks Mon 5 Jul 2021 1:39PM

Let"s talk about it @CJ Yetman, I need to understand this better, so far this information makes me uneasy.


Veroca R. Sala Mon 5 Jul 2021 2:08PM


  • About the volunteers plan do it as you like,❤️ just let me know what is the goal ( number of people), we cant just recruit people indefinitely. I would like to know if I should boost the sign up with announcements and need to figure when could i fit in those announcements.

  • site leads: Please do coordinate with CJ and share here the outcome of the conversation so we all know how the site leads can make usage of the welfare tent if an affected participant need to be retired from the crowd and be provided with a safe space to rest.

  • The event program: is a booklet where to share time and place of workshops, in addition we add descriptions of the services for those firs timers. Are you suggesting adding the time of the training with the purpose of doing training during the event? will the training take place at the event or prior? unclear to me., Maybe I have misread something.

  • Care bears are wondering around: can we have a clear role description of care bears and teddy bears? like a on-duty responsibility list or so. If you have a drive doc work in progress feel free to link it so we get the updates as you move forward. Thanks!

  • Welfare team: i understood that those 2 co-leads that are collaborating with you will get the ticket (@Professor Kaos said) as long as they fill in the form, meanwhile, its is important that they put in some work and help you out. This is not a trade, This is us facilitating a way because they want to participate and we want them to take part too, do they want to participate at the Welfare or they just want the ticket?

    If they filled the form and they commit to us we also commit to giving out the ticket, we just have 1000 things going on, it might take a while until the ticket is in their pocket, but it will be there. I don't think its a good approach to wait until they have their ticket in their hands to contribute, i don't wish things to work like that because that puts a lot of time-pressure on a team that is handling a million things at the time.

    We don't process the directed ticket request on-demand, we do it biweekly or so ( may be more) So please be patient, fill the form and trust. 🤗

  • welfare placement nice to hear there is placement, rememeber we are decentralized and leads are all over the place doing their things, make sure the map makers know this, drop the pin location on this thread

  • Welfare tent: 5x5 meters tent is not enough to have a soft area to hang out and have some tea? besides that, there will be a #2 tent to rest? how many people you wanna fit in the tent #2? if its for one person could be a tipi tent, for more than one then we still need to consider the walls issue. I can be a complete closed space. @Hanna-Maija (Animal) tagging the covid lead.

  • Welfare dream I understand you put up a dream to make the space nicer and bigger, this means the structure has to be built by you and your welfare dream team, the general build team will be making the general structure ( 5x5 tent) and transporting all things from storage ( not a small task btw)

    Welfare dream transporting materials: theoretically you should be transporting all dream related materials from Berlin to site, as all dreamers do. Since this is an special dream because its related to a core part of the event, i guess we can do an exception to put in stuff in the production van, but you have to make sure this is coordinated here in this thread >>> make sure people know where the stuff will be, its volume, and all that, dont expect anyone to come and ask you. Decentralized model requires a lot of follow up or you are let behind.

    You and your 2 dream makers will be allowed onsite during build ( as far as i understand, please talk to your dream guide about this @Ariel and get them to fill in the early arrival form tagging @Franzi about early arrivals). These two angels can make the tipy together with you and also make all decorations as you envision it, Not the general build crew.

    Note: during build these angels will have to be self-reliant in regards to food and drinks.


Ale Mon 5 Jul 2021 4:11PM

Hi @CJ Yetman , I've read over the safety protocol and we're definitely conscious about welfare's role at the kiezburn and want to offer people the support and space they need.

We just want to make sure, that space is available for this kind of situations and people feel comfortable to approach. I'm sure @River Aleks agrees that we should collaborate and talk this through beforehand, so that welfare space is not blocked for 'whatever reason' the side leads sees fit. :)


CJ Yetman Mon 5 Jul 2021 4:20PM

Trust me, the Site Leads wouldn't do stuff like this for fun, it would only be under extreme conditions where we believed that was the safest, most effective thing to do. I just need everyone to understand that we rely heavily on Welfare being there and being a part of our team to keep the event safe. Let's have a chat with you, me and @River Aleks next week. I already sent a PM to her with my contact info.


Veroca R. Sala Mon 5 Jul 2021 4:23PM

Im not sure if this is clear, i said : tickets will be provided to the 2 welfare co-leads you said you had, (who we dont have the name yet) @River Aleks as long as they fill in the form which is 4 questions to be answered. I dont see what is the problem with that (?). Otherwise i could help them to fill in the form.

As volunteer coordinator I have directed 2 people via email to you, to help you co lead the area. I haven't heard back from you to get these humans a ticket, I assumed they didnt need one. Only heard these were awesome humans and I was happy to heard that. Now i understand they do need a ticket. Which is not a problem.

Co leads will be those that help you coordinate the efforts, for example the team would look like these (only as an example):

  • Lead: overseeing it all ( i pinned down important things to have in mind) and making sure the welfare tent has all it needs ( materials etc, deco etc)

  • Co-lead#1: managing the volunteering shifts, and all related to it, communicating with volunteers, and aligning with the training facilitator.

  • Co-lead#2 / Training lead: the person that will be preparing the training and seeking for a place where to facilitate etc.

    All the points I have made to call attention to all other realizers, they need to be tagged; I tag those that need to read an specific piece of info and I let you know where to go if you want this or that. Appearing in the map for instance, if you dont want contact the map realizers, that its fine, but dont expect people picking up on it, maybe they do, maybe they dont, and maybe welfare will not be in the map after all, and that is not the end of the world. All in all I think the thread looks amazing and by making this info public you are enabling the co-creation process.

I do want to say this, I personally find against our values to highlight in this and other conversations we have had, the number of hours of work you are putting into this, I m sorry about that, we are meant to have fun here and I see you are not, that makes me sad. Our participation here is not bout counting each others hours of work.

How would be working with each other if all of us would be saying this every time we address our to-do's? It will be a very unpleasant experience i guess. Volunteering is a decision only you - ourselves- made. Nobody needs to feel guilty about it, only to thank you for the efforts,I am grateful for putting in all the work, I wish not to feel guilty about it and I will not hold myself back from commenting and highlighting things we should keep in mind.

From my Korg member perspective, welfare is not a critical need, I point out the important things to keep in mind, if you choose not to follow up any of these points, then they just might fail... your welfare tent also belongs to all of us. Failing not essentially means that it will not happen, but that it could fall onto other realizers shoulders, my goal is to avoid that, to not let things fail or worst, letting things fall onto other's people shoulders unexpectedly.

I do my work in this comment (as a volunteer coordinator, Korg member, board member, and talk moderator/admin that is why my previous comment is so extensive) I am directing you, and/or your co-leads in the direction you should go to get things done and for other realizers to align with you. If its too much, you need co-leads.

What happened with these two people? do we need to do an onboarding? please let me know i can organize that.



River Aleks Mon 5 Jul 2021 4:24PM

I would feel more comfortable if there was another structure for some cases that do not require Welfare, and I mentioned it few weeks ago and I was told that the Site Leads have such space. Now this space is turning out to be miniscule and I just do not want Welfare to become a comfortable solution for lack of other options.


Veroca R. Sala Mon 5 Jul 2021 5:14PM

Hi @Ale , amazing summary. Thanks for that.

Of Course i trust in volunteers,

That comment concerned me, maybe it wasn't formulated well, it just felt like we were holding work until the ticket was released so that i requested patience, tickets will be there, there is not reason why to think there will not, unless they are not formally requestd. Im not a rando, Im saying this while I am directly in touch with the ticket team because the ticket lead is on holidays.

Welfare tent, i didnt mean to judge, i might not have the right wording. Sorry for that; what i meant is From the build perspective, the welfare tent is simply a soft area and tea station, Nothing else, regardless of all that could be said or could happen in there.

I requested what is the clear space requirement for the welfare tent because in the last Korg meeting the offered tent 5x5 seemed to be enough so that now I request information what is the ideal space to have to avoid going back and forth with the tent topic. I thought it was solved.

I am excited about all the amazing ideas, feel free to make as many tipi tents as you want, i think they look lovely and it would be a very cute place to be in.

Feel free to make the meeting date visible here in the comments, so to let others take part and help. meetings are the best way to find people, maybe even share it with the care bears, perhaps someone is interested in participating more deeply and take some workload off your shoulders. Like purchasing stuff, getting prices, whatever,

Thanks again for the detailed answer❤️


Ale Mon 5 Jul 2021 5:18PM

I'm positive that's the case. But let's get in contact and we both can talk more in detail. Might also help with coordination at the kiezburn on site. :) I'll bully @Purzel into giving you my number 😆