Tue 10 Mar 2020 2:12PM

Buying a Welfare tent <3

F Franzi Public Seen by 15

Lets talk about the best tent solution we can buy for welfare


We open this thread to give transparency to this matter and to document the process about welfare tents options and prices.

we need to figure out:

  • Budget for this purpose @Alexxx

  • How big should this tent be?

  • buy the tent itself ( who- when - how?)

  • Transport the Tent itself to site


  1. please add links here

  2. and here

  3. and here

Pros and cons of these options / prices?

  1. .

  2. .

  3. .



Jovana Tue 10 Mar 2020 2:27PM

Steffen got back to me and confirmed he could reserve the yurt for us for a 300 EUR charge.

In case we would consider buying a tent/yurt, can you confirm the budget? I could then have a look online and see what's possible.


Jovana Wed 11 Mar 2020 3:00PM

Found this website selling pretty cool medieval stuff incl. tents:

Any thoughts?


Jovana Wed 11 Mar 2020 3:48PM

Same here:

Thank you Steffen!