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Offering a space to share educational material about drugs consumption and usability to prevent incidents at Kiez Burn and other events while preventing people from undesired experiences.

  • If you have information, please share it here on this thread or into this drive folder.

  • If you know where to refer someone who might need help, tell us in the comments

Note: Please, verify the source and avoid stating information (especially) about dosing out of your own personal experience.

Docs & Resources collected from the comments on FB and Talk:

Why this thread?

There comes as consequence of a request ( on facebook and telegram) to participants to not bring it GHB into our events due to its high risk and after 2 unfortunate incidents at the Burn Night (decom party) related to this substance which got the site lead to manage them in one shift. A person was kicked out of the club, refusing the ambulance but remaining nonself-reliant and without autonomy.

As there was a very long thread on Telegram Kiez Burn channel, the topic raised opinions about the need for education so I opened this space for community members to share information.

There isn't currently any proposal to ban anything, at least not from my side or the Board side who have debated about it in the last meeting on 29.11.12 and agreed that education and preparation was the way to go.

Raising awareness about the topic comes first to understand the need for education not from the handful of people highly involved but from the community as a whole. Still, the topic is heated and controversial. I welcome this discussion and community members to talk about it. If the community thinks there should be a ban then a proposal could be carried out by them and or/ event organizers.

Now the community took over and shared concerns, POV, and even made an open question (poll) here on this thread about whether people feel more secure when these substances are banned at events/clubs. Which still doesnt mean there is or will be a ban in place.


Olivia khan-Do Thu 2 Dec 2021 7:14AM

Check out this site with support on combinations! You Khan download this so it's available in your browser offline. Great resource I refer to it a lot. As always though use your own discretion I am sure you may disagree with some of its claims


Olivia khan-Do Thu 2 Dec 2021 7:23AM

I found this article from a girl claiming that prohibition is not helpful. From reading I feel she pretty much makes a case for the opposite though!

"Half a milliliter too much often seems to be the difference between a warm fuzzy feeling, akin to alcohol or molly, and the deathly slow breathing of an overdose."


Olivia khan-Do Thu 2 Dec 2021 7:28AM

Taking G responsibility - preferably at home with your trusted people 🙂 Great advice from


CJ Yetman Thu 2 Dec 2021 8:43AM

I don’t believe prohibition is an effective way of educating people about it, and I don’t believe we can effectively prohibit it anyway, unless there’s new GHB detection wands that I don’t know about.


Saskia Thu 2 Dec 2021 10:53AM

I believe the public statement was a good idea and I believe making some extra efforts about letting people KNOW that being caught with G results in consequences is a good idea.

There is a reason G is the ONE “no apologies, lifetime ban at the venue” substance in all Berlin clubs. 

There is a high probability that G can & will be abused to spike others. It also poses an accidental risk.
The risk connected with G is extremely high, for guests, users and the people hosting the event.
You don’t want people to be found dead. 

Enabling grey-/blacklisting of people who get caught with G is a good thing. That does not mean we establish a 'G-Police'. Making it known that consequences will happen does not equal then necessity of a magic 'G-detection-wan'.

I personally know two people who got spiked at Kiez Burn events (KB 2019). Both people did not file reports, because of personal and psychological reason.
As a person who had G in her drink more than twice myself I can attest, that I understand on a VERY DEEP level why those people did not follow up. 

One of the people also suspected that they did not get spiked on purpose but made the mistake to ‘drink some of the water that was standing around at the Drug Sluts bus” and after that point their memory is gone. 


Sjoerd Biemans Thu 2 Dec 2021 11:39AM

This hapend to me in sysiphos as well after leaving my beer for litterly 30 seconds. The funny thing is that i figured out who did this and he knows this. Everytime now he sees me in a club, he leaves directly, and this is fine to me.


Saskia Thu 2 Dec 2021 10:59AM

Recent statement Club Commission:
"There is no G in Club Culture"

The recent initiative of Club Commission (we missed an event regarding this topic exactly, but maybe there are resources?):

Whoever takes charge in that topic should absolutely get in touch with their awareness team.


Sjoerd Biemans Thu 2 Dec 2021 11:26AM

I am just as concerned as you are about the increasing use of GHB, it's like the wave that swept over the Dutch dance scene in the late 90's.

I also used it a lot back then, without knowing anything about the dangers. After a year the use in my friends club became more and more extreme and I realised that it was time for me to stop using GHB.

As I mentioned on Facebook, I lost a friend to GHB in the early 2000s.This was in a club where GHB was banned and there was a screen at the entrance saying "Say no to GHB". The problem is that if you ban it and put a taboo on it, there is no social control at all and people do not know that somebody is using it. This is why a lot of accidents happen.

As a mather of fakt i know people who use GHB in a responsible way, for example by preparing the dose at home in small water balloons. Don't get me wrong here, i don't want to promote the use of GHB, but there are plenty of ways to use GHB responsibly, and misuse must be combated.

I would suggest talking to people who use/are interested, warning them of the possible consequences with a strong advice "don't do it", learning how to deal with an overdose (in most cases an ambulance is called because it looks shocking, but bringing themtoa hospital is mostly unnecessary), show them how overdoses look like, this scares most people away from it anyway.

On facebook i said i also dont like coke, i did this two of my friends in Berlin ended up in the hospital after taking to mutch coke. But nobody talks about ban coke from clubs. Some people get agresive from it and start to behave like asholes and it is super adictive. Ketamine triggers big addictions. Maybe we should go back to the 90's and rave on speed and xtc, but speed is cutted with Crystal and xtc pills are deadly strong these days.

Maybe just take acid, mushrooms and weed after testing it first ;) would be my advice. But hey, everybody can do whatever the fuck they want right?

But for starters, try to talk with people first. Make them fully aware and let them choose ;). If a person drops on g you can start banning these persons from burns.

Love you all my friends


Purzel Thu 2 Dec 2021 6:04PM

Speaking as a paramedic, experienced with G overdoses.

If we hire competent paramedics an ambulance can be avoided most of the times. This will come with a big price and likely means higher ticket prices for the whole community. I would consider this unfair for the majority that does not use G.

If we don't have the material and personal to monitor someone with an overdose we will always have to call an ambulance for 2 reasons.


  • G is being breathing depressant, which means that the breathing might stop on its own which leads to death or the amount of oxygen in the blood drops to a pathological level which can cause long term effects on the brain and organs.

  • Someone with an overdose is getting a level of unconsciousness that leads to a malfunction of protective reflexes, this can for example lead to swallowing of the tounge (no breathing possible) or vomiting, where the vomit is excessive the lungs (leading to death or at least pneumonia)


  • Not calling an ambulance, in case of injurie or death is a definite lack of care (unterlassene hilfeleistung) and is and will be punishable by law in Germany.

EDIT: the normal paramedics from the outside world are unaware what kind of event we do, when they get called in a club they might choose to call in the police automatically for self protection. (Working in a dark room within an unknown crowd feels threatening as well as the fact that they are to busy for crowd control, bystanders can be quite disturbing/annoying while treating a patient.)


Poll Created Thu 2 Dec 2021 11:30PM

Do you feel safer in events that explicitly ban G? Closed Sun 5 Dec 2021 11:00PM

I am curious about people's feelings of safety with events that ban explicitly


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No. 18.8% 3  
Sometimes 18.8% 3  
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