September 2nd, 2021 13:39

2021 Burn Night 🔥 Meetings, Planning and Orga

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Lead roles






Here we will in future announce further meetings, post protocols and keep everyone updated on the decomp. If you want to contribute, co-create and/or help organizing the event, please sign up here so we can get in touch or leave a comment below :)


You can find our meeting notes here.

Meeting #4 - Contract

10 November


Meeting #3 – Tickets

22 October

Meeting #2 – Location

13 October, 8:30 pm

Zoom / Burner Embassy after Board Q&A

Meeting #1 – Kick-off

6 September, 8 pm



johannes September 2nd, 2021 13:40

Has anyone a Zoom we can use on Monday?


Kaliope September 2nd, 2021 14:23

Do you wanna run a hybrid event or Zoom only? @Purzel offered his space imo... @Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator) @Erin Jeavons-Fellows

I can offer my TU Berlin account, it's without time limit. Can someone update the Facebook event and spread the word via Telegram? @Veroca R. Sala


johannes September 2nd, 2021 15:42

Thanks for offering to use your Zoom. As there where some people who liked to participate but are not in berlin i think either a hybrid or video converence would be best here.


Saskia September 3rd, 2021 14:22

We will have the meeting online to enable a collective onboarding for everyone.

purzel offering his place is nice and all, but I will go the fuck to Marzahn during a Bahnstreik.


Diarmaid October 22nd, 2021 18:17

First ticketing meeting was held today. Items discussed:

  • Price - Have a sliding scale price starting at 10€ and going up to 15€ - pay as much as you want.

  • No sales will be done on the door - so we will not have to deal with cash. If you want to get in you will need to buy a ticket online.

  • Sales will done on a first come first served basis

    • If someone wants to take on the responsibility of organising a different method of doing sales, then you are welcome to do so. But I will not be doing taking on that responsibility.

  • Sales will begin on the 1st of November 2021.

    • New month, new week, new sales!

  • Sales will end when all ticket are sold or the event ends, whichever comes first.

  • There will be grants for artwork and workshops for the event - amount still to be determined.

  • Preliminary number of tickets to be sold is 1500 - to be discussed with the Covid lead @Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator)

  • Sales may be able to use SEPA transfer or may require a debit/credit card - options to be discussed with finance lead @Professor Kaos

Veroca R. Sala

Veroca R. Sala October 23rd, 2021 11:44

Hey cool!. Thanks for the update. Looking forward!


Are you guys releasing the tickets sales link first to subscribers of our newsletter? Or is going off through all the channels? Only curious...


Diarmaid October 23rd, 2021 22:49

Good question.

Currently we have paused ticket sales until after we have a contract. It is unknown how long that will take.

I believe that the proposal is to allow KiezBurn e.V. members to skip the queue (or join a separate queue) from the general public. But this has not been fleshed out to date.

Releasing tickets to people who were at KiezBurn earlier than to the general public is probably also possible, provided that someone is willing to set that up. But the capacity of the ticketing team is quite limited, and the easiest solution (for the team) is to just have a single FCFS queue which everyone joins. So it is quite likely that is what will happen.

Some tickets will be held back for realisers and leads. The current proposed number is 200, but this depends on a few different things so is likely to change.


Diarmaid October 24th, 2021 10:35

I have set up a platform for the people to submit dreams for funding here.

Professor Kaos

Professor Kaos October 25th, 2021 13:34

Using the newsletter program (sender), we can send the sales link to the e.V. members, and the Ticket holders first, and then to the wider public.

I would personally also recommend for each of those channels to share the link with their own networks. Party events in Berlin are getting heavily sold out and there are currently some concerns about regular club go-ers over-doing it (I heard hearsay from 2 club owners - this is not fact).

A decom is traditionally an opportunity for the participants at the main event to reconnect.

Professor Kaos

Professor Kaos October 25th, 2021 15:24

I talked with @Kris last night about this. A filtered .csv export from the bank is possible. It adds a little work, and due to the time-frame of transfers makes regulating tickets very very hard. i.e., here is a medium-case scenario:

  • A ticket is purchased by bank transfer

  • They transfer the money 2 days later (on a friday)

  • The money doesn't reach the account until the Monday

  • The .csv is not uploaded until Wednesday

That ticket would have to be held and not saved for a week, and this is a reasonable time-frame (although not average). So my open questions are:

  • How long can a bank-transfer/SEPA purchase be held before it is put back into circulation?

  • What happens with SEPA payments that are made right before the event, so that the money doesn't enter the account until after the event?


Diarmaid October 26th, 2021 07:11


Wolfie November 23rd, 2021 15:50

Hey, @Chris Haven't heard back about a workshop I submitted. Wondering if it is still possible to do it or not. Couldn't find a workshop specific feed, so apologies if I'm spamming here. Happy to discuss further, just get in touch -