Kiez Burn Online Pre Comp - 12.03.21

Jan-Christian Kaspareit
Jan-Christian Kaspareit Public Seen by 50

Also looking forward to the next burns? Why wait?

On 12th of march we will create an online burn to get some burner vibes going!

Let's co-create this together: dancing, burner silliness, workshops, whatever you come up with.

What's to do:

Looking forward to meet all of you again!


Jan-Christian Kaspareit

Jan-Christian Kaspareit February 15th, 2021 15:10

So maybe it's a great idea to use the lobby as a meeting room. Keep it open for smaller chats and just add different platforms for ideas that need more space.

Henrik 🤖

Henrik 🤖 February 15th, 2021 11:23

Just wanna note that unhangouts supports up to 25 people per breakout room


[deactivated account] February 11th, 2021 18:48

Hey @Jan-Christian Kaspareit , I've attended a few remote burnery things based on this thing here > . Will probably require some tinkering/setting up, but maybe better than making a new platform of sorts?

Facebook group here:

They are doing a burner-flavoured free event called 'Love Inn' this Saturday, maybe you wanna have a look to see if you like how it's set up?

Jan-Christian Kaspareit

Jan-Christian Kaspareit February 10th, 2021 16:05

I thought about putting links in the timetable, so some stuff can happen on unhangouts, other things that need more capacity than 10 people can be done on zoom or meetup or whatever the person hosting prefers.

It will really depend on the amount of people joining though. If we are 50 people max, unhangouts might be perfect. If there are more than 100 and everyone wants to do a big rave, it seems too restricted.

But I am totally open for suggestions and discussions.

Veroca R. Sala

Veroca R. Sala February 9th, 2021 18:44

What about unhangouts? Isn it better than zoom? I liked it a lot. The Capacity per room is limited to 10 ppl but anyways I think that would be enough to actually be able to interact. Only my opinion of course.

I would like to invite Gregor (i dont think he is on talk) i bet he could provide some great fun stuff to an event like that. I'll see if I can talk to him


Franzi February 9th, 2021 17:24