Wandering Rangers

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Welcome to the Wandering Rangers group, open for comments, discussions and all kind of inputs!

* Realities
* Dreams Platform
* Last year's Rangers Manual
* 2018 Post Mortem

To Do
[X] Set up Dreamer funding Dreamer budget
Dreamer application
[X] Sing up spread sheet
- Update the Rangers Manual (Jesse-Cris-Tobi)
[X] Advertise and promote the sings ups (Cris)
[X] Design HQ (jesse working on)
- Purchase Rangers supplies, hats (Jesse)
- Update the Security Protocol (including a contact for all kieze leads and org leads)
- Print manuals
- Manage/build the Wonderers Headquarters

- [ ] What gear do we have from last time?
some walkies (waldo) Hopefully, but not sure, around 5-6 blue vests, ponchos and maybe 4 head lamps.

Wandering Rangers
Wandering Rangers are participants at Kiez Burn who volunteer a portion of their time in service of the safety and well-being of the community. They act as non-confrontational community mediators, providers of reliable information, facilitators of public safety, and navigators of the edge of chaos. They encourage self reliance, individual accountability, and shared responsibility. They mediate situations involving citizens, the organization, or cooperating agencies. When circumstances dictate, they act to uphold the principles of our community.

Day or night, pairs of Rangers can be found engaging with the community, enjoying the art, and always ready to help sort things out.

This is a sober shift!

Meeting Location:
Ranger Station (aka Headquarters) at the Saloon tent.

Training on site
All hands come on Thursday? at noon? to our Ranger station at the salloon for a quick group Rangers meeting and training followed by a drink at the bar.

Arrive at Start of your shift
15 minutes prior to your shift for the shift hand over and setting up talkies/bags, then break up into pairs and wandering. At the end of shift return walkie talkie and bag.
If you didn't do the training, you have to arrive 30 min before your shift starts.

Supplies Needed
4 walkie talkie chargers
+1 walkie and charger set to emergency channel at home base
power cords
light for station
8+walkies (4 in use, 4 charging)
cubbie space for 4, small table space, hat hooks
8 hats (4 in use, 4 for new crew)
8 bags with supplies (4 in use, 4 repacked for new crew)
Ranger bag supplies (basic med, water bottles, snacks, bubbles, torch, etc.)

Wandering Ranger shifts are each 4 hours, with a buddy.
Wandering Ranger Lead is 8 hour shift.
There will be 1 Ranger Lead + 2 Rangers (1 couple) during the daytime and 1 Lead + 4 Rangers (2 couples) during night.

Kiez Burn organization will fund maximum 300€.
Dream: 339€
Total budget: 639€


Cris Tue 5 Mar 2019 3:56PM

I really had a lot of fun last year and, from the feedback of a lot of volunteers, they as well. So totally up for bringing it to life again this year! Fak-yah!

Wonderers is mostly about volunteer coordination, and don't need much regarding materials, but I think it'd be pretty cool if they have their own space (last year we were squatting Welfare and First Aid) where they can gather, change shifts, shelter and keep the stuff. (We can still squat)
Maybe some little tent a little bit like this (with deco and stuff?) Dream still to be filled up in case of consent.


Leobard Mon 25 Mar 2019 10:56PM

a tent for Rangers.... at Schloss Schönburn last year I used my Sibley 500 as a tent for Ranger meetings. It easily seats 6-10 people sitting in a circle. It is more costly but more awesome, too. You can ask Canvascamp if they have 2nd Hand/used ones on stock and give them away cheaper (I bought mine at a discount from them this way).

Note: frederik.hiergens @ canvascamp is the guy to ask. Note: He borrowed a camp about 10 of these to bring to Nowhere 2008, I was part of their camp, I loved them from the start. We borrowed Nowhere one for gate, the gaties loved it.


Jessy W Wed 3 Apr 2019 12:38AM

We will have a covered space at the saloon dedicated for Rangers that can hold small meetings before we head out. The space will have cubbies to store supplies, electricity for charging walkies, rain cover, a heater, and a light permanently on.


Ancka Fri 8 Mar 2019 11:23PM

Hey Cris, i would like to participate, bring it up to live or during the event


walto Sat 9 Mar 2019 2:18PM

@cristinaolano during the leads meeting, @lisa111 + Gur (not sure where to find him on talk) expressed interest in being involved here


Saskia Fri 15 Mar 2019 8:19AM

@jck check in here in order to not double efforts.

@cristinaolano - The Saloon as a camp is interested in helping to shape the not-so-lone rangers. There is a discussion about this going on. :)


walto Sun 17 Mar 2019 4:46PM

That is amazing! We could have Sheriffs as this year's rangers @jck !


Cris Wed 27 Mar 2019 5:30PM

Nice! But, where is that discussion taking place?


walto Wed 3 Apr 2019 7:35PM

no idea...


Leobard Mon 25 Mar 2019 10:58PM

@cristinaolano I can contribute my Ranger instructions from Schloss Schönburn 2018 - which you are invited to steal/copy/adapt. (they are published creative commons by attribution, so cite me :-)

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