Power for Kiez Burn 2021

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Hi, my name is Sven, and I did power for kiez Burn 2019

This year we wish to have power on kiez burn again, but there might be some changes, we will have fewer sound camps, which equals less consumption, although because of the big amount of land we need to power, it's hard to cut down on power costs,

Kiez Burn Power 2019

  • We used 3 generators for the event.

  • We used two small generators for Build & Strike. (one mobile & one for volunteers Kitchen)

  • All generators and cables were transported by the provider to site

  • The cost for power for the kieze was 50 euro per kilowatt.

  • The price for kiez burn orga was around 100-150 euro per kilowat

  • The power bill in 2019 was around 8000 euro and looked like this:

    Ø  3 generators/fuel tanks: 2160 euro

    Ø  Transport of generators/fuel and connecting of fuel tanks:1840 euro

    Ø  Cables/ bridges/distribution boxes: 2170 euro

    Ø  Fuel (980 liter): 850 euro

    Ø  Build generators: 240 euro

    Ø  Transport of cables/build generators: 833 euro

Power proposal 2021

Power for build: 

  • 2 small generators as in 2019 

    to be confirmed with BUILD needs.

Transport of Build generators and all cables we need to site: 

I propose to coordinate with Build transport Realizer to lower the costs of transport. From Berlin to site).

Generators rental & transport to the site (for the event):

Need to determine power need once all kieze and dreams submit their request


Transport of generators by the provider.: Approx 1500 euro ( only the transport)

NOTE. If the power need decreases, the power price for the orga increases, since there is a designated budget for power, I would suggest we put the price for power per continuous Kilowatt.


  • Price: The price for power is set to 70 Euro this year (when enough camps order power the price might drop)

  • Request Power for Kieze & Dreams Here

  • How to estimate power

    Who are in the Power Rangers Team:

    @Sven Dudink - Power & Water Lead

    @daniel no
    @Johannes Bittner
    @Alejandro Pereda
    @Sven Tulo

There is an initiative to lower costs and improve sustainability in terms of power which I did research and offer here more information on going off grid( ) maybe next year


Maria Mon 2 Aug 2021 1:02PM

Ok perfect, thanks a lot!


Sven Dudink Mon 2 Aug 2021 12:56PM

@Maria @Maria im sure if you payed today it will still arrive on time, about the power outlet at your camp, just pass by deine mudda, i will be around somewhere, and i will lay a outlet to you, i cant lay it to your empty camp, because than the endsocket is potentially open to rain


Maria Mon 2 Aug 2021 11:29AM

@Sven Dudink
Hi, I have another quick question.
As it turns out, nobody from my camp (Mary and the Virgins) will arrive before Thursday. Can we still have a power outlet and just plug in on Thursday?
Also, I was really late in paying for our Anteil of the Stromkosten but just did the transfer, I hope it still arrives on time.

Best wishes



Sven Dudink Wed 28 Jul 2021 10:20PM

  1. there is not really a specific order we lay the cables on, but one thing is for sure, and that is, the power will not switch on before wednesday when the whole network is layed

  2. Cables should be IPx4 Minimum, we will do a little check before the generators go on, but in general its always wise to make sure cables cant get wet, in case of failure the camp will not have power for a short time, so not to big of a deal

  3. the power team will take care of infrastructures like gate, so no need for monkeys to lay cables


Daniel Wed 28 Jul 2021 10:04PM

@Sven Dudink

  1. Is it predictable on which day of the build the electricity will be laid to the camps?

  2. Are there any safety protocols on how to seal cable connections, or is it just the general recommendation to use outdoor power strips/cables and keep the connections dry?

  3. Is it clarified who's responsible to get power to the gate (+bury cables if needed)? The D*Monkey build team has signaled that they are running low on capacity, and unfortunately I myself won't arrive until Wednesday to take action.

    (Just talked to Richard on the phone about these issues, however, some answers might be useful for others, too.)


Nics Wed 28 Jul 2021 7:44PM

Fantastisch. Thank you.


Sven Dudink Wed 28 Jul 2021 7:18PM

@Nics Yeah no problem at all, we just use the DM/kitchen generator, its not so far away


Nics Wed 28 Jul 2021 7:14PM

Hey @Sven Dudink, you know the caravan near muddis camp that will be toolhouse. I kinda need a little bit of power there to charge shit...... Any chance of that on this late notice?? Please? 😬


Sven Dudink Wed 28 Jul 2021 1:20PM

Hi @Kathleen Stoeckel , no need to apply, at deine mudda there is a fixed generator where you can charge stuff or use power tools, there will also be a more portable generator for when you need to build stuff at the gate, you can pick it up from deine mudda as well


Kathleen Stoeckel Wed 28 Jul 2021 1:15PM

@Sven Dudink How do we apply for generator usage during Build? (D*Monkey Camp). Thank you!

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