Mon 28 Jun 2021 9:11PM

Welfare Updates

B Bee Public Seen by 17

Hello. The KORG would love a check in on some info from Welfare please. :)

Some quick questions for you:

When/where will your training workshop be? Have you begun to communicate with volunteers on this? Please check in with Vero for any volunteers info/help. Also need to make sure it is covid safe - does this need to be registered as an e.V event if indoors?

When will shifts be allocated to volunteers?

Can we support in any way? :)

@River Aleks Welfare Realizer


Bee Mon 28 Jun 2021 9:26PM

Also in terms of build materials feel free to reach out to the community. There may be some spare matresses left over from some Kieze who aren't coming back this year (Storage Realizer is Thomas, Build lead is Natacha). You may be able to borrow/be gifted tents space, deko, cosy things etc too. :)
The Dreams materials spread sheet you have probably seen before, but you could also do a call out through comms if you want. :)


River Aleks Tue 29 Jun 2021 2:37PM

We are having our first Welfare meeting tonight and will be updating this thread as we go!


River Aleks Wed 30 Jun 2021 8:23AM

@Ale @Joice Biazoto


Bee Tue 29 Jun 2021 9:42PM

Super cool! Hope it went well! :)