Thu 14 Jun 2018 1:51PM

Sound camps, help me get your levels set for the burn (sound check)

RP Randy Pence Public Seen by 185

I am arriving Tuesday with my partner, so we can get the sound measured and you get on your way. Nobody seems to have any space driving up from Berlin, so we are taking the train.

  1. Can someone pick us up from Sternfeld around 3 pm?
  2. Can each of you give me a contact of who will be your sound lead?
  3. Can you pick out some appropriate music for your kiez?
  4. Can you play said music on your systems Tuesday evening?
  5. Can someone loan a bike or drive me or my assistant (the lovely Karina) to the impacted village(s) Tuesday evening?
  6. Can someone drive us back to the train station or Berlin on the 24th?



walto Thu 14 Jun 2018 2:00PM

FYI: it is unsure yet if power will work starting tuesday afternoon.


Randy Pence Thu 14 Jun 2018 2:07PM

what about tuesday evening?


Randy Pence Thu 14 Jun 2018 2:44PM

even if it first turns on wed, will be much more convenient for me to measure earlier and not later due to travel