馃帹 Changing guiding of dreams

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Dreamers currently are assigned a guide to explain how the system works and make sure that everything complies with the guidelines. The dream guide communicates with the dreamer via email or phone, and between them, they ensure that the dream is suitable to be voted on.

On the dreams platform, there is a "Review Dream" option that can be switched on. This gives anyone the option to flag a dream for breaking the guidelines.


Each guide will still be assigned dreams to look over, but communication with the dreamer will work differently.


A group of dream guides would be designated as the communications guides, and would be responsible for sending out emails containing important information.


There is important information that needs to be sent to dreamers which can not be made public - an example would be the contact details of the other people (ex. realizers for sound/safety/site placement) that certain dreamers have to talk to about their dreams.

This information is currently sent by each dream guide based on a template that the guide personalises for each recipient. Instead, this information should be sent out to each dreamer centrally without being personalised.


Dream guides would only communicate with their dreamers through the platform flags. It would be the responsibility of the dreamers to check the platform and make sure any flags are resolved by the time voting begins.


Communicating with dreamers was quite difficult last year, and a lot of effort was made to ensure that all dreamers had all of the information that they required. Here, we shift the onus to the dreamer instead of the guide - all of the information that is required will either be sent by email (see One) or will be on the platform.

Overall, this should help dreamers - they will know that all of the information that they need will come by email to the email that they signed up to the platform with, or will be on the platform itself. Instead of reminding people individually, we can remind everyone to check the platform and make sure that their dream has not been flagged.

This will also help dream guides, as they will no longer have to keep spreadsheets of contact details for each dreamer and ensure that each dreamer has individually gotten their information - all dreamers will get the email together. They will know where they give the dreamer their feedback - everything now revolves around the platform.

It will help with the transparency, as a log will be kept of all of the issues that a dream had, and how that issue was resolved.

Should a guide need to change for any reason, then a full log will be kept that the new guide can consult - making it much easier to rotate guides if a guide has to pull out for some reason.

We can also leave this on while voting happens, and allow the public to raise any issues that they see with the dream, which the dreamers could then resolve (with the guides) once voting has finished.


Diarmaid Mon 21 Mar 2022 2:58PM