Sun 21 Apr 2019 10:47AM


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Welcome to the workshop for "How to get my Money Back"

Kiez Burn is a volunteer-run event. Nobody gets paid, unless the law demands it from us, and we don't have community members capable of fulfilling these roles (Feuerwehr, Security, Steuerberater, Lawyer, Bookkeeping etc).

That means that lots of the money raised can go towards event critical, infrastructure and art grants in a distributed manner. If you fall into one of the categories (KBOrg, KBorg/Dream mix, or a Dreamer) then you will likely have expenses that Kiez burn has agreed to support.

In order to get your refund, here is the process outline:

  1. Head to our online receipt hand-in platform at: (for Dreamers) or (for KBOrg)
  2. Log in with your Google-linked-account
  3. Fill out your "Purchasing Profile". It is important that we have your contact and bank details in order to process or confirm refunds or complications smoothly.
  4. Head to the "Make a Refund Request" link
  6. Fill out the form, and attach all digital copies of your receipts.
  7. Make a photocopy/print your digital receipts and place them with your original receipts.
  8. Send your Receipts to the Finance Team by hand. You will be able to give them directly to Alex or Nadja at Flow Camp on the Event. There will be a box for dropping off your receipts. NO PHYSICAL RECEIPTS, NO REFUND, NO EXCUSES. (I'm sorry but that has to be very clearly communicated, please take responsibility for this because we are legally unable to).
  9. Once the receipts have been processed and confirmed, we will transfer you the money via Bank (Überweisung).

Some extra things to note;
- WE NEED PHYSICAL AND VALID RECEIPTS MAINTAINED IN A GOOD CONDITION. If you do not have these, it is likely that we cannot process a refund as we will be unable to prove to the Finanzamt that we balance our books perfectly.
- Please contact if you have any questions (i.e. if you can't get your receipts to us at the event, or there are irregularities with your project/purchases).
- Amazon Purchase confirmations are not valid Invoices. Please check out the link at the bottom for more information on how to get a real Invoice.

  • All addresses Invoices need to have the Kiez Burn e.V as the Rechnungsempfanger. DON'T PANIC if you haven't done this, it is totally normal. Simply contact the supplier of the goods and ask them to update the invoice with the following recipient and address:

Kiez Burn e.V
c/o Cuthbertson
Thaerstr 21,
10249. Berlin

But what if you can’t get the invoice changed? - That’s ok, send us the invoice you have, and just add receipts for other expenses you had (i.e for the camp, petrol, food, deco etc). We can use the replacement receipts but refund based on the Dream invoice.
It is HIGHLY recommended you send as many extra receipts for costs as possible in with your refund application. This increases the chances of getting a timeley refund and can assist the e.V down the line.


Nadja Tue 4 Jun 2019 1:58PM

Hey guys!
The last thing is not correct.
For invoices under 250€ you tecnically don't need an invoice recipient on the invoice at all. If you do have an invoice recipient on the invoice though - no matter if the amount is below 250€ or above- it has to be Kiez Burn e.V. :)


Daniel Thu 6 Jun 2019 10:04AM

Hey @nadjafuhrmann and @alexxx,

I tried to submit my invoices for the water materials recently via and couldn't upload the digital invoices. Did you experience similar problems before?
Also, on the invoices (one for 175€ and one for 255€) I added Kiez Burn before ordering but not the invoice adress above. Is that a problem?

Thank you!


walto Mon 10 Jun 2019 4:07PM

I submitted a receipt but did not notice that the attachment did not upload a tthe same time, so my submission went through without the attachment. So then I tried to delete my refund request but that did not workk. So now I have submitted a second one with the attachment...

sorry about that!


Alex Kaos Fri 7 Jun 2019 12:49PM

hey Daniel,
Yes it appears we need the invoice recipient to always be Kiez Burn. Most companies are totally fine with changing the invoice recipient at a later date, try sending them a quick email now and I expect that should clear the whole thing up.
Let me know how it goes.
I'm just trying to check your uploads now, thank you for being so on it!!! :)


Daniel Fri 7 Jun 2019 4:01PM

Hi Alex, thank you!

I have now invoices with Kiez Burn in the first line, then my name and my address. Do you reckon that's acceptable?
Also, I'll try to upload the invoices again since it didn't seem to work the first time.