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Location 2020 - requirements + search

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A Decision has been made


Further location discussions will take place in a new thread, since the search & finding phase has been concluded

Update: we are collecting input from the community on potential venues and their suitability to host KB2020. Please check the list, add GREAT venues and your comments on suitability if you have been to any of the venues listed. The location sheet is linked, SCOUTS meet to make shortlist by 13.01

Short Summary of Space Needs

  • Preferred dates for KB 2020: 16-21 June

  • Size of location: Approx 10-15 Hectares minimum

  • Preferably few permanent structures, clean space and has diverse landscape

  • Meeting regarding site: 7 January (tentative) 2020

Dear Kiez Burninverse,

We have lost our location and date at Freiland, as many of you know. We need YOUR help find a new location - so dust off that contacts list and let's get going. We are happy to start visiting new sites ASAP. The first meeting on this will be 7 January.

RSVP to the Facebook event:

We need your ideas and contacts at the meeting or before!!

We lost the space due with noise/neighbours from the sound camps, plus our event so close to Freiland's own event. Yes, it is possible that we still have the Freiland location, but it would need to be much later in the year. And this has complications because...

As a co-creationist event, we rely completely on volunteers. Later in the summer the schedules become very busy (which means people are not available) and late in summer everyone is already burned out from all the partying they have already done.

An overview of needs

It would be ideal if the space was:

  • Free from 16-21 June

  • Has a good relationship with the local area (so we can actually get a permit)

  • is approximately 10-15 hectares

  • has very few if any permanent structures

  • has diverse landscape (e.g., trees and field, etc)

  • is less than 4 hours from Berlin

  • wants to build a long-term relationship with us


  • water on the site or near the site (lake, pond, etc)

  • Is remote from neighbors and villages

  • the site owners will allow us to run our own event

  • not so many events on it's site throughout the year

If you have strong opinions, please feel free to add to the list of requirements of nice-to-haves!

Possible locations & follow-up person

(please edit when relevant)

  • Kingdom of Muckwar - Henrik?

  • Kuhlmühle

  • Jüterborg/Freqs of Nature (was previously fully booked)

  • Attila Klein Buckow - - animals live on site - forestland

  • David Trümner from Fuchs & Hirsch UG (haftungsbeschränkt) from Uckeralm, he might have suggestions

  • Flugplatz Allstedt - potentially, but a lot of concrete... There is a nice area, but it is rather small for us, unless we are ok with concrete

  • Flugplatz Tultow (MonisRache) - never been

  • Ferropolis - not really, too dangerous + only concrete

  • Helen Beach Festival - Daniel Grabow - never been

  • Gelände des Arschcholio Festival bei Tollensesee - never been

  • Freakland: would definitely be possible, enough space, but lots of buildings and pre-existing general infrastructure,

  • Pütnitz Gelände - Pangea Festival - Eigentümer: Stadt Ribnitz Damgarten - they answered then that they do not want anything else to happen there

  • Berheider See - never been

  • Kiekebuschsee - would not recommend

  • Klingemühle, Friedland, Brandenburg, location of "Mit Dir" festival; looks nice, with lake, sound seems allowed: and /// direct link to location:

  • Freie Feldlage, Harzgerode. Been there at 250ppl event (David S), must be checked if it can host 1000 (on the website they say they can), and if any neighbours close-by. Founders are chilled. "Move Utopia" and "Undjetzt Konferenz" have been held there.

  • Zytanien, Lehrte, near Hannover. Been there at 3000ppl event (David S). A friendly community lives there, they regularly host big events. Permission, infrastructure and neighbour wise it should be a dream. Could easily save a ton of money on the electricity side. Maybe also storage available.

  • If 4h drive from Berlin is fine, as stated, definitely look into locations in Poland and Czech Republic.

Please see the Scouting Google Sheets Document with compiled information. There are three separate tabs you can click through with original list/ short list and other interesting sites or plots of land to buy.


walto Sat 18 Jan 2020 5:19PM

Sounds great! If someone wants to explore that avenue, why not!?


Saskia Mon 20 Jan 2020 5:56PM

Ok thanks for the information. :)


Ilya Alexander Yacine Wed 18 Dec 2019 7:18AM

Yes I worked with them over the last 6 years and am in good contact with the founder. The new site will take a lot of work until its ready for usage. I told him that it might be beneficial to have some burners on-site because their basically productivity warriors ;)


walto Tue 17 Dec 2019 10:06PM

tnx, added them to the thread description above.


Bee Tue 7 Jan 2020 3:34PM

Heya. I was at Klingenmühle 2019 for Entropie Festival. It already has a lot of buildings on site and only two larger open fields for Playa space from what I saw. I really liked the space but not sure if it's as much of a blank canvas as KB would like.

Theres also a small road that goes through the site but wasn't any traffic, more like a woodland lane. My partner is on the festival team and good friends with some of the collective though if we wanted to get some direct contacts. ❤️


walto Wed 8 Jan 2020 9:13PM

great! The top thread is editable, wonna maybe add it to there to keep the overview? And will copy my comments to the sheet then as well :) xx


Ilya Alexander Yacine Tue 17 Dec 2019 12:24PM

I talked to him, apparently Henrik has already contacted him as well. Alex told me he is asking the City council for permission Details to see if it could work.

The new Gelände is far bigger than the wilde möhre site, so it's definitly around 5-6000. We should check it out once Alex gives us green light.


walto Sat 11 Jan 2020 5:32PM

Thanks for taking the next steps on this Jan! Really useful overview with a lot to think about and decide on.


Vlad Sat 18 Jan 2020 2:37PM

Amazing work @janthomas , mean it.

What is the interest of freiland, i see that they have interest but also do not want to endanger their own event there (money, participation, community)?
Will they accept much less money for a burn with no sound (so we can redirect the funds for art)?

Freiland is a good fit for KB, but generally speaking it is not so good for a normal event - missing infrastructure, bad connection, not flat.


Andrea Paracucchi Mon 20 Jan 2020 5:49PM

Field becomes mud if it Rauns. Amihay was on Location 2/3 years ago.

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