February 7th, 2022 09:16

REALIZERS! We need YOU! ❤️

Veroca R. Sala
Veroca R. Sala Public Seen by 113

Hello and welcome! Here is our overview of the roles we need (event critical) or would hope to fill so that we can plan for an awesome, legal, and safe Burn this year!

If you see a role that isn't taken yet, but you really want to do it

1⃣ put your name and Discord/Talk handle(s) in this sheet

2⃣ introduce yourself, and tell us what are you up for:

– either leave us a comment on this thread, or
show interest on the Realizers channel (discord)


➡️ Detailed document with roles, guides and further information (e. g. Discord name)

Korg uses this sheet to track the needs for the event and will be overseeing these in the lead-up to the event. Overseeing does not mean co-leading but making regular check-ins to see how things go. It is up to each Orga team member ( Korg team member) if wants to help/contribute in any way to fulfill the Need. (What is the Korg?)

Note: A list of all these roles, needs, with specific tasks & descriptions + their relevant documentation can be found on Realities. (Currently not fully up to date).


Giulia May 9th, 2022 14:16

Thank you for taking care of it <3


Ale May 5th, 2022 16:59

Edited. Should be on now. Please check ❤️


Bee May 5th, 2022 15:35

Anyone should be able to edit the thread FYI so anyone who wants to adjust their contact details etc can also do so. I assume this is just an issue with your handle name changing from last year to this year?

Edit: perhaps not though lol I don't seem to be able to delete or edit your @ tag from my mobile.


Giulia May 5th, 2022 14:39

Hey @Veroca R. Sala and mod @Kaliope : I'm not exactly thrilled that this shows up in Google results when googling my name. There is a reason why I'm only going with my prename or internet pseudonym. Please delte my laste name from this list and anything else that is not protected


Ania May 2nd, 2022 16:20

Hej, I am Ania and would love to volunteer, on site preferably (cooking, greeting, fluffing, ranger) @Bee I wrote you an email about greeters. I am coming together with my daughter Yuna, she is 9 and experienced Burner. She would be also happy to volunteer.


Ancka March 27th, 2022 08:14

Hey :), I’m Ancka, for those who don’t know me a short description: wanna be architect 😜, 34, Berlin. I used to do the Kiez Burn logo, the Kiez burn first maps, art, the location scouting, the first event organization, the Kostüm Saloon camp lead, the site planning lead and after that signs lead and I would like to participate this year again.

  1. Site-planing and Build

    Build/Perimeter: Every year I have been also taking care of setting up the outside line/ perimeter line of the property to ensure people know where to put their tents or not before everyone arrives.

    Signs: i can share the inventory list and help onboard

    I can help with sharing lessons learned and defining the role and the big picture, if needed. Please reach out😊

  2. Showers:

    I would love to collaborate with Water and Toilets Realizers to improve and take care of the showers :)

  3. Sustainability roadmap at Kiezburn:

    I have studied bioclimatic architecture and build a prototype of a small solar house in Spain and I would like to continue and apply more sustainability principles.

    Setting up goals and pursuing them for a sustainability roadmap for future Kiezburn is a communal effort.

    To start, one idea is to have nice conversations with the different Kieze about how to make your Kiez have less environmental footprint and therefore more respectful with the environment.

    for ex. using fridge that works with passive cooling (using evaporation) and other low energy, low cost, friendly with the environment strategies.

    Also I would love to team up and recruit a beautiful soul who might want to share this with me.

    For example, we can organize a workshop about sustainability topics before Kiezburn.

    What do you think ?

By the way, I think the discord channels are very well organized. I would like to appreciate this.

big hugs and kisses


Anonymous March 27th, 2022 07:25

Ross Bermudez

Ross Bermudez March 23rd, 2022 12:46

Hey. I am also @papotte in Discord :D I have been reading through the document, and I think I want to contribute to the role. How many people usually team up for this?

Veroca R. Sala

Veroca R. Sala March 23rd, 2022 07:44

Hey hi! Thanks @Ross Bermudez showing interest! here is the documentation about the role find @Papotte on Discord ( not talk) to team up! They also wanted to contribute to this role.

Im extremely busy these days, best would be if you guys take a read at the doc and try to nail down key questions and I will be more than happy to answer and guide you. ❤️


Ross Bermudez

Ross Bermudez March 22nd, 2022 09:46

Hey! I am looking for someone to help me out with the Volunteer Coordination role. I have some questions. @Veroca R. Sala you're listed as Korgi, how can I contact you?

Erin Jeavons-Fellows

Erin Jeavons-Fellows March 8th, 2022 11:16

i can assist with the handing-over of the process in which we did last year


Giulia March 6th, 2022 14:49

As Talk has some serious participation problems, I've transferred the Korgies & Realizer roles sheet to this Gdoc:

Please make any changes and updates there, thanks :)


Kaliope March 6th, 2022 11:47

Hi there, your support will be appreciated very much! 💛 So far, some welfare volunteers are getting on touch here – there hasn't been so much planned atm


Chiaracapo March 5th, 2022 14:26

Hi! What does welfare mean exactly? I would love to help out with psycare/harm reduction/tripsitting if that's an option!


Kris March 3rd, 2022 11:20

Let's talk!! Are you on Discord?


Divadeviva February 28th, 2022 16:48

Do you need a volunteer for animations/video for social media + website?

Uli aus Berlin

Uli aus Berlin February 28th, 2022 13:16

I also use Telegram @Baikonur_1961 Uli - Fred vom Jupiter

Jeremy Shub

Jeremy Shub February 28th, 2022 11:37

Hi yes I use Telegram +31686290725

Carnelian King

Carnelian King February 28th, 2022 11:27

Do you two maybe use Telegram? I heard from Fabio, who did the program last year, that we could maybe have a copy of the old design. We should maybe start getting together a google doc so camps can submit their workshops early, because it would be really cool to organize the workshops by day this year if we can.

Jeremy Shub

Jeremy Shub February 27th, 2022 16:15

@Uli aus Berlin @Carnelian King Can we meet or connect on some platform? Or email


[deactivated account] February 25th, 2022 13:29

hey Kate, ok I will check discord. :)


Kaliope February 24th, 2022 12:36

Definitely ❤️ let's connect on Discord, I can guide you!

Sven E

Sven E February 23rd, 2022 17:38

Hey :)
Wonderful to have such a motivate co-lead on my side.


Storm February 23rd, 2022 17:08

done :)


[deactivated account] February 23rd, 2022 14:32

Hey everyone, is there still a need for the Newsletter Volunteer? :)

Uli aus Berlin

Uli aus Berlin February 23rd, 2022 09:55

@Carnelian King Let's meet for a preparation meeting and review the Material from last year.


Kaliope February 23rd, 2022 09:45

Hey @Storm, sounds great! Maybe you and @Sven E can connect on our Power Discord channel?

Jeremy Shub

Jeremy Shub February 22nd, 2022 20:18

I could help. Can you message me with the taks duties?


Storm February 22nd, 2022 16:08


would love love to do the power but I see there is a realizer. Can we co-lead it? :)

I can also do strike (in addition not instead) if anyone want to join as I am not German I think it would be too much to take by myself without a local.

Uli aus Berlin

Uli aus Berlin February 16th, 2022 15:46

@Baikonur_1961 - Uli - I can help organising 🙂


Kris February 13th, 2022 00:20

I’m around if you have questions about the non-programme from last year.

Jeremy Shub

Jeremy Shub February 12th, 2022 16:44

I could join the Program drew. Whats involved? @Carnelian King


Juliana February 11th, 2022 20:51

Happy to be your Fluffing Queen!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Carnelian King

Carnelian King February 11th, 2022 13:24

I am considering signing up to organize the program this year but wish to not do it alone.

CJ Yetman

CJ Yetman February 8th, 2022 23:14

I’m very excited to see how easy it is for you to follow from my documentation, and improve on it. I’m also super happy and willing to “guide” you when/if you need it.


Bee February 8th, 2022 15:51

I will be happy to Site Lead Lead this year. Given how comprehensive the preparation and information from last year was, I don't think I have much more to learn from the King of organisation and labelling 😉 @CJ Yetman


Purzel February 7th, 2022 20:59

Thank you for gifting clarity ❤

May I recommend that we also make a column fro the potential guide of the role?

I'd do it but I'm clueless how 😉

I'd also recommend that we deem power as event critical, many other events critical areas depend on it.

Veroca R. Sala

Veroca R. Sala February 7th, 2022 09:21

copy-pasted this thread from 2021 to be able to link it to the newsletter and enable realizers signup. Hopefully, we have a dear soul signing up for Newsletter soon ( and other needs).