Mon 7 Feb 2022 9:16AM

REALIZERS! We need YOU! ❤️

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Hello and welcome! Here is our overview of the roles we need (event critical) or would hope to fill so that we can plan for an awesome, legal, and safe Burn this year!

If you see a role that isn't taken yet, but you really want to do it

1⃣ put your name and Discord/Talk handle(s) in this sheet

2⃣ introduce yourself, and tell us what are you up for:

– either leave us a comment on this thread, or
show interest on the Realizers channel (discord)


➡️ Detailed document with roles, guides and further information (e. g. Discord name)

Korg uses this sheet to track the needs for the event and will be overseeing these in the lead-up to the event. Overseeing does not mean co-leading but making regular check-ins to see how things go. It is up to each Orga team member ( Korg team member) if wants to help/contribute in any way to fulfill the Need. (What is the Korg?)

Note: A list of all these roles, needs, with specific tasks & descriptions + their relevant documentation can be found on Realities. (Currently not fully up to date).


Kaliope Sun 6 Mar 2022 11:47AM

Hi there, your support will be appreciated very much! 💛 So far, some welfare volunteers are getting on touch here – there hasn't been so much planned atm


Kris Thu 3 Mar 2022 11:20AM

Let's talk!! Are you on Discord?


Carnelian King Mon 28 Feb 2022 11:27AM

Do you two maybe use Telegram? I heard from Fabio, who did the program last year, that we could maybe have a copy of the old design. We should maybe start getting together a google doc so camps can submit their workshops early, because it would be really cool to organize the workshops by day this year if we can.


Uli aus Berlin Wed 23 Feb 2022 9:55AM

@Carnelian King Let's meet for a preparation meeting and review the Material from last year.


Jeremy Shub Tue 22 Feb 2022 8:18PM

I could help. Can you message me with the taks duties?


Storm Wed 23 Feb 2022 5:08PM

done :)


Kaliope Wed 23 Feb 2022 9:45AM

Hey @Storm, sounds great! Maybe you and @Sven E can connect on our Power Discord channel?


Sven E Wed 23 Feb 2022 5:38PM

Hey :)
Wonderful to have such a motivate co-lead on my side.


Kaliope Thu 24 Feb 2022 12:36PM

Definitely ❤️ let's connect on Discord, I can guide you!


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Tue 8 Mar 2022 11:16AM

i can assist with the handing-over of the process in which we did last year

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