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Open questions from Camps regarding Power / Water / Site Planning & co


Thomas Schneider Thu 26 Apr 2018 2:14PM

-What kind of power outlet will be there on site ... something like this?

-The Camps have to provide their own water tanks, right? I saw that there's a water outlet planned in the Underworld Kiez Area. Will there be a KB Watertank attached or if not would it be possible to attach an Underworld-funded tank there to buffer water needs?

Will there be firewood or do the camps need to bring it to site?

is there a storage to bring material up there already at burning pig and stash it till kb building starts? (and what does it cost?)

What tools will there be during build that camps can use? (like is this mechanical digger or forklift discussion still a thing?)

who / how does a camp get contact to the responsible person for collective building material aquisition / bulk purchases? (bandit?)
edit: found the answer to that question i think? via this sheet

new question: what exactly can kieze enter there apart of screws and wood? also tarps & hoses for instance?


Relativity Rltvty Thu 26 Apr 2018 8:49PM

16amp sound system is 3600 watts. Freezers are probably 300-400 watts each. 12,000 Watts is probably too much, unless you have lots of lighting.


Randy Pence Thu 26 Apr 2018 8:52PM

16A starkstrom would be 3x3600, if that is what is meant by 16A, and not schuko. Which amplifiers/speakers?


Annette Thu 26 Apr 2018 5:49PM

To add a question from UnderWorld: We don´t have a power lead. How much power we need for: big soundsytem (needs 16amp), lights, 2 freezer (sorry, not much more details). I think 12kwh is too much? @randypence @relativityrltvty


Randy Pence Thu 26 Apr 2018 7:31PM

you have to be more specific, especially concerning lights


walto Thu 26 Apr 2018 2:26PM

  1. power outlet: We will have generators from where we will get power cables to go to your Kiez. If you have for example asked for 3k, we will most likely lead just one power cable to your Kiez. So like this: If you asked for more power, it will be more of these 230V cables to your Kiez
  2. water tanks. Yes, regarding this question, @danielaquariusdrin can answer that better. Thread on that will be started tomorrow by Daniel:
  3. firewood: no idea... There is some wood there, but not that much. Best to bring more wood to burn?
  4. Storage: Kathleen/Jan-Thomas can answer, will send them the thread so they can answer here @janthomas
  5. Tools/materials: @bandit can answer that. Will send them the thread so they can answer here

Thu 26 Apr 2018 3:41PM

Hi Thomas, the material list is for screws and wood. Tarps and other things are up to kieze to purchase for themselves. If you have a missing tool (like a drill, or a chainsaw) please let us know so we can make sure there is one to borrow.