Strike Set Up 2021

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Realizer @Jan-Christian Kaspareit


We need people to set up the Kiez Burn backbone - building the infrastructure that enables the important shit to happen, so builders can transform to sparkle ponies and go dash in the green fields, eating strange flowers & glittery sweat on dancefloors & art projects alike.

What is build/setup?

This year the production team will not be building anything big (no gate or effigy). Instead, we are focused on setting everything up, enabling the event to take place.

Strike starts: Sunday evening and goes until Wednesday

A full overview of all the tasks: and please sign up:

  • either for the general need (so being build lead)

  • or for singular responsibilities, and then be responsible for coordinating it.

What do you have to do here?

  1. communicating with everyone that potentially needs help in getting ready

  2. planning of the work & determine the amount of volunteers needed

  3. purchasing the relevant items

  4. discuss budget with KBORG (@alexxx is your man there)

  5. during build: be available from early morning till evening, constant liaising with everyone (do they need help?)

What is next?

How you divide the responsibilities, is to be determined by you. Some possibilities:

  • there is a strike lead and then coordinates between everyone so that all the responsibilities are taken

  • you find more details in realities, please update realities as you go


Needs to be defined with finance


  • last year' build lead

  • org questions? board 

  • finance? @alexxx

  • other peeps: see realities + Add your name here too!

Decisions that the Kiez Burn community took in the past that are important for this tasks:

  • No burn without Build Lead

  • No burn without Strike Lead

  • Burn and Strike Lead need to be two different people

  • Both need teams of each minimum 5 volunteers

  • Both leads need to have build experience

More details can be found in google drive over here


Make a strike plan

  • What needs to be striked down?

  • How many people do you need? 

  • What goes back in storage?

  • What is trash? How will it be de-mooped?

  • How do you collect and store tools? Who does the inventory update?

  • Who will manage storage? Who will do the inventory of general material that goes back in storage?

What needs to be striked down?

  • Volunteering question (that’s really the last thing because you need to feed peeple)

  • First aid station

  • Ranger station

  • Site lead station

  • Arbeitsamt

  • Signs

  • Support Pick Up toilets

  • Support water strike

  • Support electricity strike

  • Conduct safety assessment of the site and fix up (eg holes, pitfalls you digged)

You will be responsible to hand a clean and proper site back to the board of Kiez Burn. You will NOT leave site before you have handed over the site.

Other strike team duties

  • Volunteer coordination (e.g., you need people who are committed for the next week, Strike lead can NOT leave site without a handover to board member/Freiland - therefore they need at least 5-6 volunteers to stay with them (people to cook, people who support in final clean up etc)

  • Bring back the build van to Berlin 

  • Get stuff back into storage and make an inventory

  • Manage general storage

  • Tidy up the site (usually we have a messy site and spend half a day cleaning up trash/ bottles/ wood that camps leave behind etc)

  • Fix up missed side works eg broken stairs, or other things that we might have broken etc

  • Manage the toolhouse (renting Kiez Burn tools to Kieze during build)

  • Bring back tools to the Baumarkt eg Power Oga

  • Prepare a tool inventory and propose new tools that we need to buy for next year (what's empty? What's missing? what did we not have enough of? what broke?) 

  • Clear out with finance all invoices etc



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