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This group is for everything related to volunteers.

This year volunteers sign up period will start on the 6th of May through the KB website by filling out a similar spread sheet we had last year.


when exactly build period starts? Friday evening 14/06

when exactly strike period ends? Wednesday 26/06

Food for volunteers:

There will be food compensation ONLY for the volunteers during build and strike. During the event there might be or not some snacks.

Food During Build - Deine Mudda Kitchen (only volunteers!)
Food During Strike - Deine Mudda Kitchen (only general strike volunteers!)


25th April:
Volunteers request form will be sent to al the leads that have formally taken a role in Realities Platform (Please if you are working on a role, make sure you take over that role on realities so we know who you are and how to contact you).

1st. of May:
Volunteers request form response deadline.

6th of May::
Volunteers Sign up period starts

I would very appreciate ur opinion, Type in !


Karlo Walz Tue 9 Apr 2019 8:17AM

2h - 4h shift looks enough for me, 8 h is too long


Steffen Lepa Tue 9 Apr 2019 10:04AM

last year, we had 3 hours shifts and it worked quite well. It also gives people the opportunity / motivation to do two different services, e.g. 3 hours rangers / 3 hours welfare.

we had the kickoff of this year's welfare team
yesterday night and 3 hours would fit perfectly with current planning for extra volunteers.

It would be nice to at least have some food offering for volunteers in terms of motivation. If no proper kitchen available, maybe just some snacks?


Jessy W Tue 9 Apr 2019 11:36AM

Hi, Rangers shifts are 4 hours long this year, and we will be filling 66 normal shifts and 6 lead shifts.


Lisa Tue 9 Apr 2019 11:44AM

@verocarsala Deine Mudda will take care of feeding volunteers during build. I'm not sure yet about strike.
Also I understood that there is a need for a volunteer kitchen during the Burn itself, at least to feed the security guys (6 persons?) and at best for volunteers like rangers.


Daniel Regev Tue 9 Apr 2019 3:51PM

From my experience in recent years, 8h is a bit too much, as you also need to dedicate a couple of hours before/after to prepare, rest, recover etc, so it's really taking the whole day. 3/4h is ideal. 2h is a bit too short in my opinion.
Thanks for doing this!


Veroca R. Sala Tue 9 Apr 2019 4:24PM

Hi Dani yes....i have already changed that and I think shifts will be settled once every lead fills out the form and let me know how many shifts need to be covered. I also think 2 hours is gonna be too short. 4 hours sounds fear. Although I'm gonna let that decision to the ones that require volunteers and I'm gonna work on the recruitment and doing my best to make that happen. Hoping everyone comes up with realistic wishes and thinking also what would be doable. Since it's gonna be a pita to recruit 12 people for 2 hours shifts just to cover 24 hours. But well by now I think everybody has an idea of what is ideal and what is indeed possible.


walto Tue 23 Apr 2019 5:12PM

Regarding build: it starts Friday evening 14/06
strike ends wednesday 26/06

@verocarsala could you send me the email you sent to the leads as well so I can have a look for build please?


Remy Schneider Thu 25 Apr 2019 12:24PM

Hey @verocarsala - is there a chance you could post the spreadsheet in here? I will work with Henrik to get a newsletter started that can include the volunteers info here =)


Veroca R. Sala Thu 25 Apr 2019 8:10PM

When is that newsletter gonna be? Spread sheet is not ready


walto Sun 28 Apr 2019 8:40PM

I did not get the email yet regarding the volunteers and signup, could you forward it to my address as well @verocarsala ?

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