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2021 Burn Night: Ticket presale

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How can we distribute our tickets more independently? Radical sale-reliance!

Proposal: For our Burn Night in late November we would like to test out a new system that we might want to use for future Kiez Burn events as well. @Kris wrote a shiny proposal 馃憦 Moving the comments to a new thread for future reference and documentation:

Ticket 饾晹饾暊饾暉饾晹饾晼饾暋饾暐 for burn night 21

We鈥檙e doing some experiments with ticket sales for Burn Night as a low(er) stakes way to test out some things we might want to do for later events. This document describes plainly how the sale will proceed, and is the basis for pre-event communication. 

Some questions:

  • What do you think?

  • What questions should buyers answer during the process?

  • How do we handle Corona contact tracing? @Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator)


Kaliope Tue 26 Oct 2021 7:44AM

Moving these comments to a new thread for future documentation:


Kaliope Tue 26 Oct 2021 7:45AM


Kaliope Tue 26 Oct 2021 7:49AM

Collecting comments and open questions from our Telegram discussion:

  • Is there any reason to limit the number of replicated tickets to 700? If we can sell more than that through replication, shouldn't we?

    • That number was purely conservative from me. I guess what I fear is people protesting that it鈥檚 鈥渦nfair鈥 and some kind of favoritism that鈥檚 in breach of the principle of inclusion to direct tickets (it鈥檚 not - read the text, but I鈥檓 scarred). Happy to increase that quota.

  • If we include replicated tickets i also think we should put it to 1000. Then we still have 500 Tickets over for other people who want to get a taste of the community. But i think here the Sepa could become a bottleneck. As lots of people in Germany(myself included do not have a credit card) so we definetly should have paypal for it to work

  • The timing of the SEPA transfers, it could take up to a week to confirm a ticket. That could easily become a bottleneck.

    • Yep, that鈥檚 totally why I want to do this. Fusion somehow makes it work, and it would be amazing if we could too be independent of stripe and their fees

  • Many Burners don't own or use a credit card and many other Germans neither. We need an alternative?


johannes Tue 26 Oct 2021 8:00AM

Open questions i have so far:
Are tickets going to be transferable?
How much would be fees depending on which payment method used to pay?


Saskia Tue 26 Oct 2021 11:39AM

RE: Contact tracing...

Can we go without corona warn app / luca?
It is possible to register the personal information of people by selling tickets and collecting their data there. If we use a third party option, we have to cooperate with them to collect the data ourselves (it must not be done by the third party selling the tickets, we need to have our own documentation). So it would be possible to not use luca / corona warn app if we do it like this.

UPSIDES of this approach are:
* We cater to people who do not wish to use those apps. (I personally do not care about their emotions at that point, but maybe you do and want to go the extra mile to cater to them?)

DOWNSIDES of this approach are:

* If the name of the ticket does not match the ID, there is no entry

* Ticket transfers need to include the change of conctact data

* Spontaneous ticket transfers on the day of the event are problematic or need to be processed by the ticketing team

* It needs to be communicated throughly and the team at the door needs to anticipate a shitload of discussions

Why should we use those apps if we have other options like hand-written lists?

From talking to club commission and party organizers who have had some weeks now to gather experiences, they use the corona warn app because everything else makes shit VERY complicated. That is:

* Having people write down their contacts by hand takes a shitload of time at the door and creates huge huge lines. Also: Who wants to decipher 1000 handwritten addresses?!

* Registering personal information through ticket sales only creates the transfer issues mentioned above. Does ticketing team have the ressources to manage ticket transfers at the evening of the event? How do we do it? DO we send out another ticket then? I am not in ticketing so it's a bit a collaborative decision.

* Having a multitude of options is just complicated for ticketing & Corona lead

What is your recommendation as corona lead?

I would recommend going either with the app solution + written contact details if people really do not use the app at all


Going with pre-registered "ID needs to match ticket" approach and just offer corona warn app registration for those who want to use it (e.g. me personally to use it to check in to places so I get a corona risk warning)


johannes Wed 27 Oct 2021 12:52PM

Question i got from some friends who want to make a workshop as a group. Can Art Project/perfomances/workshops get more than one directed ticket if needed? Or do they have to be lucky to get then all people needed in through invite?


Kaliope Thu 28 Oct 2021 10:19PM

Whoever is being confirmed for the final program and/or supports the event as a realizer should be able to receive a directed ticket, even as a (small) group, yes? It would be a shame if people can't bring their art just because they didn't get a ticket. Of course this does not apply to volunteer shifts :)