Tue 31 Mar 2020 1:19PM

I deleted my posts

CM Callum Macdonald Public Seen by 76

Short version

I deleted some of my posts.

I woke up one morning and was frustrated by yet another Kiez Burn story. In a fit of rage, I deleted some of the content I had written on this group. In that action, I may have deleted comments or edits made by others. This was not my intention, but if you wrote something and it was removed because I deleted the original posts, sorry about that.

Longer version

During a workshop, I wrote some content explaining how Kiez Burn is organised. Over the following several weeks, it became clear to me that the contents of the workshop were not accurate. Therefore, I had written posts which were misleading. As my frustration with the process grew, I reached a point where I was unwilling to have my name against information that I consider to be misleading to others.

One morning, in a fit of frustration, I deleted my posts. The only option I could see to delete my content was to click the menu icon, then delete my threads. I wasn't aiming to delete content other people wrote, but that might have been a side effect.

I also removed the group description, which was a copy of something I had written. My assumption was that somebody would write a new description. I don't wish for my words to be used to mislead people about how Kiez Burn is organised. I have personally experienced the frustration of trying to get stuff done based on believing what I was told about how this thing gets organised. I don't wish that on anybody else.

I have disabled all notifications on talk and am unlikely to read any replies to this post. I'm not aiming to start a discussion, only to post a statement to clarify the situation.