Kiez Burn water 2021

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Hi there and welcome to the water threat 2021

Things that are certain now:
We will have water
we will not have hot water (just sun-warmed)
there will be showers (not sure yet how many)
water price for in Mecklenburg vollpommern is 1,66 per QM3
the water will got to the following places:
there is a sceptic tank for greywater, see map

Things still needed to be done:

Renting the wasserstandrohr, all are taken at the moment and we need to contact the water comapyn 1st of august, what I understood is, they have a very last minute approach, and they could not do anything for us just yet, there is one reserved for us though

Get a more extended water network (by buying more tubing)

Things we will sort out on site:
Watercube distribution
extended waternet and where the network will run to


Water Map

Showers ( Alex comment )

Only 1 set of showers have been left dysfunctional.

Freiland updated their whole water system for their event (as was previously mentioned a few times here). So there is some operating and clean water.

Unfortunately, because the water hasn't been official tested, it needs to be labeled as "untested water" or "not drinking water".

If you or anyone is aware of the necessary process to have the water systems approved for drinking officially this would be very helpful at this stage. (It is a recently developed burocracy issue, we have been drinking from these systems for years without any incident)

Site updates

after 2nd visit 18th July: as reference

if there are any questions, feel free to post a message, this thread will soon be updated when more info is available


Dr. med. Lisa-Marlen Rogmann Thu 12 Aug 2021 10:09AM

@Sven Dudink the Amazonian water is leaking. We need to get disconnected shortly to readjust the water outlet, gonna try contact you via walkie talkie as well thx


Sven Dudink Wed 4 Aug 2021 3:22PM

Hi @Annette i allready had a call with gur about it, that tube is still there, its the same one from 2019, one thing i did not check when i inspected the site, is the diameter, according to last year waterlead daniel, freiland uses 20 and 25 MM, so its either one of the 2, on Friday i can inspecs this for you guys, if that's to late, i would advice getting 20MM and a 20 to 25MM adapter (should not cost more than a few euros)


Annette Wed 4 Aug 2021 2:03PM

@Sven Dudink Can you tell me if we will get a similar water tube to UnderWorld like in 2019 (see pic below)? We would love to build 1-2 extra showers (for only eco friendly soap) close to the swamp next to our kitchen and therefor need to make 2 tabs (one for kitchen, one for shower) in the tube. We need to know the size (diameter) from the tube that will arrive in the Underworld. Thäänks!


Chris Audax Tue 3 Aug 2021 5:05PM



Sven Dudink Mon 2 Aug 2021 10:27PM

Hi Chris, i just received the tubes and connectors today, i can be fairly sure this will work out, unless there are circumstances i have not calculated for, and even than, there is the option of going to a bauhaus to get the things missing, also there is probably still a whole bunch of water stuff in storage, which is not taken in our calculation, so i would say im pretty sure


Chris Audax Mon 2 Aug 2021 2:03PM

Hi Sven,

regarding the "optional" extended outlet currently shown to go into direction of The Saloon and Musotopia: Description says we will do our best to make it happen - are you able to say how sure we could be that this actually happens? We are more than happy to support the setup :)


Sven Dudink Mon 2 Aug 2021 11:00PM

@Lise, using a long gardenhose is definitly a possiblity, my wish is still to get water to your camp through the tubes, it still depends a bit on what is still in the storage, but i give it a good chance that its possible, one important thing is, some gartenhosses, especially older ones, can have lead in them, which makes them not suitable for drinking water, the other issue is: the pressure is fairly high, i dont know yet if regular tubes will hold, so it would be wise disconnecting the water when not in use or at night,


Lise Sun 1 Aug 2021 9:35AM

@Sven Dudink Is that an option? I understand the showers on top of the hill are not working, but would that be the nearest access point for water for our camps?


Meghan Thu 29 Jul 2021 8:42PM

For a while it looked like my kiez might be placed in that area too, and I'd been thinking about bringing a (very) long garden hose and a faucet splitter thing to bring water down from the showers on top of the hill to that area.

I can't remember exactly what the terrain looks like there and how feasible it would be, but I imagine it could be easier to work out a scheme like that than to haul water for several days...


Lise Thu 29 Jul 2021 7:27PM

Hi Sven,

similar question about getting water to our camp: we, Yalla Panta Rhei, and our neigbours Academia Philozoophia and Camp Schlampagne are kind of located in the desert when it comes to water access, on the current site map it looks like we're in the last part of the Gelände where the water network doesn't go. Is there still a chance it's going to be extended or should we be prepared to bring barrows and handcarts to transport water containers? Cheers!

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